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Dishwashing Liquid
Ajax Super Degreaser Dish Liquid, Lemon Scent

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Get what you pay for


This Ajax dish soap is cheaper per ounce (14 oz. for the same price as 10 oz.) compared to Palmolive and Dawn, but also much more is required to remove grease. The scent of Ajax is really lemony too, which I don't particularly care for. If you are one to use a heavy hand on dish soap, this would work better for you since it's cheaper. If you are sparse and tend to use only the amount required for a few suds, you'll be disappointed.



Ajax Dish Soap just doesn't cut it in the sink.


Ajax dish soap is a very inexpensive product. That being said, it does not do a good job of cleaning in my opinion. Nor is it inexpensive when considering that so much product is necessary to achieve any sort of cleaning. It does not suds up like so many other products, Palmolive and Dawn come to mind. It is very runny. I have been using Ajax Dish Soap for about a month now as I bought it with a coupon while it was on sale. Sure, I only paid about 88 cents for the container, but, my goodness, I have to use a quarter of a cup just to wash a sink of dishes and then, I never do have any suds in the sink.Back to being a very inexpensive product, I have not seen any selection in fragrance or cleaning ability. I will say that it doesn't appear to be harsh to my hands which is a very good quality. I can't say that it has any fragrance really. It is just very ineffective and I do not think I will purchase it any more. I will go back to Dawn or Palmolive Dish Soap. I think this may be my first negative review. But I just don't like Ajax Dish Soap.

Medford, WI


Ajax Lemon: It's O.K. for a small batch of dishes.


Ajax lemon super Degreaser dish detergent sat on the shelf screaming to me, "hey I am cheaper AND I have 40% more detergent! I gave the 34 fl oz bottle Ajax Lemon dish detergent a ride home. Ajax lemon dish liquid is made in the U.S.A. and is a phosphate free cleaner. This is the "super degreaser" version but Ajax also makes an "anti-bacterial" and "with bleach" version. **My first impression of Ajax Lemon:** I liked the lemony scent of Ajax. It also made a nice sink full of bubbles. Dishes were getting clean and rinsing well. All was good but then... **The end result with Ajax Lemon:** ...my bubbles disappeared, again and again. Ajax has a nice scent, makes some nice suds but it just doesn't last. "More" isn't more if I have to keep adding more dish liquid. ***My Viewpoint: ***I think Ajax Lemon dish liquid is a bargain and will do a good job if you are just washing a few dishes at a time. If you have a sink full of dishes to wash each time, Ajax dish liquid is probably going to take a time out before you do.

Big Island, VA


Ajax Super Degreaser Dish Liquid, Lemon Scent

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