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Air Wick
AIR WICK Freshmatic Compact I-Motion

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smells good


I thought that I would try this because it was new and on sale. The regular price on it was way too expensive for me... For some reason I tie expensive with good quality. Any ways I really wanted to try this to get the smell of dog out of my house. It is a smaller plastic white, almost coned shaped device that give a burst of fresh scent every so often. I has 3 controls l,ll,and max. I set it on 2 or ll. I put this into my living room and rarely smell the thing. when I walk by it and it has just sprayed or when I am sitting in the room close by I can notice it. I do not think that it works well for large rooms. On the other hand I also put one in  my bedroom with the lavender scent. my bedroom is quite a bit smaller than my living room and with the door close the smell really lingers. I do enjoy the calming sensation of the lavender. I would recommend this product for small rooms only. the other thing about this is that you have to buy the refills and if I remember right they were around 5 bucks each, my opinion is for that price it is not worth it.

Chaska, MN


The i-motion works well, but doesn't last & makes a weird noise.


I found these on sale, so I got one (it included the 'Spicy' scent) to put next to the cat litter box.  It actually works pretty well as far as the scent goes - Not too much, not too little, and the Spicy scent (at least) is pleasant and nice.  Plus, you really can just leave it there and forget about it for about a month.  However, it's not exactly perfect.  There are a couple of things you should be aware of: 1) It lasts about a month on the lowest setting with low traffic (at eye level) - That's a good bit less time than the packaging said it would last and (as always seems to be the case with refillable things) the refills are fairly pricey.   2) It makes a noise when it goes off that sounds a bit like a little hiss or someone flipping a cell phone closed.  It's not particularly loud and the noise didn't bother the cats, but it did take a while to get used to the sound of it going off in the middle of the night.  (This is especially off-putting if you don't know it makes noise beforehand, since you'll spend a while trying to figure out where the seemingly randomly occuring noise is coming from.)

Gastonia, NC


AIR WICK Freshmatic Compact I-Motion

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