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AOS 7146
Air-O-Swiss Travel Ultrasonic Humidifier

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A great humidifier for small spaces or for travel.


I desperately needed a humidifier to survive the dry Chicago winters exacerbated by the radiator heat in my apartment - but I was low on space and storage. After some research, I discovered the Air-O-Swiss Ultrasonic Travel Humidifier. It was the perfect size for my small bedroom and is easy to store when not in use (it's about the size of your hand). You can also take this with you if you're traveling to a dry climate. It would easily fit into a suitcase. Output Volume It's a travel-size humidifier, so the output is not as much as a regular-sized humidifier. But it's adequate for small spaces. Performance The humidifier performs well enough. It doesn't humidify the entire bedroom, but placing it on my nightstand table and turning it on before going to sleep was enough to alleviate the dryness I would experience in the morning without it. A filled water bottle at the half-way setting will last eight or more hours. It's super quiet, but does emit a bright blue light when on. That being said, I didn't experience any issues with falling asleep. Ease of Cleaning Because it's such a small unit, cleaning is very easy. Design I love the compact design and that is uses a water bottle for the water tank.

Chicago, IL


Air-O-Swiss Travel Ultrasonic Humidifier

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