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Air Innovations
Air Innovations 12" Tower Ionizer with Turbo Fan

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Keeps air in my house Fresh


This ionizer works great year round to keep the air in my house fresh and crisp. It is sort of like an air duct cleaning blowing through the house. I use it all year long because we are smokers. Since I have been using it, allergies have been reduced an I know that me and my family are all breathing much better. It really helps a lot. It is big enough to work inside of my living room but can also be used in a bedroom or other room in the house. Although it is powerful, it is compact in size so you don't need a lot of room to sit the machine. It has an awesome cool which really adds style to my house. And, it is really quite in operation, so sometimes I do not even realize that it is on. Best of all, it is energy efficient so it does not cause my bills to increase.

Clarksville, TN


Air Innovations 12" tower doesn't last.


My son was waking up with nosebleeds occasionally when he was about one because of our forced hot air heat.  My mom bought us the Air Innovations 12" Tower to have in his room.  At first I really liked it.  It mists so lightly that you can set it just about anywhere without worrying about any water damage.  The light on it was soothing and it was quiet enough so it didn't bother my sleeping baby.  We didn't really use the Turbo fan so I can't say much about that.  It has a fairly large water resevoir and if set on medium would last through the night.  It helped my son's nosebleeds immediately.  He never had another one while we had this running during the winter.  It also helped keep him from getting dry skin.  Humidifiers are a wonderful thing if you have a forced hot air furnace or woodstove. I woke one morning and went into his room and the ionizer wasn't on.  I checked the water level and it was fine.  It just all of a sudden stopped working.  I really can't see spending the money on a product to only have it last a few months.  My mom purchased one for herself at the time she bought ours and hers didn't last much longer.  Unfortunately, I wouldn't recommend this product.

Granville, VT


Air Innovations 12" Tower Ionizer with Turbo Fan

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