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Afterglow Cosmetics
Afterglow Cosmetics Pure Soul Mascara

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No more red itchy eyes


I love mascara because of how it makes my eyelashes stand out.  Isn't that why most women wear it?  However, on more than one occasion I would find that the mascara would cause a reaction.  I would rub my eyes and find them irritated by the end of the day.  Most brands flake and clump.  In addition, there is nothing worse than a red-eyed raccoon look before you get to work. I was hoping for the best when I purchased this brand.  It is 100% natural.  No parabens, nanos, bismuth oxychloride, gluten or mercury.  I expected that it would also not work without having all the chemicals in it.  Surprisingly, it works beautifully.  My lashes stand out and even better, no flaking or itching.  I liked it so much that I purchased another (just in case I run out). It only comes in two colors.  I personally have only purchased the Onyx.  However, I have noticed that the other color is consistantly out-of-stock.  Of course, you'll have to choose what's best for you.  Enjoy! If this review was helpful, please be sure to click the icon.  Thanks!!!  



Afterglow Cosmetics Pure Soul Mascara

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