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African Butterfly
African Butterfly Hair Combs

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The best. If you have a LOT OF HAIR, this product works.


I have a LOT of straight long hair, and this product is the only one that will actually hold it up for hours. I am 61, so I have tried pretty much everything out there over several years. This is the only one that works for me. It holds even when I am working in the yard, and chopping down trees.


Oceanside, CA


African Butterfly hair combs - The best hair clip on the market!


You can't go wrong when buying an African Butterfly hair comb.  These clips are just the best.  Easy to use, comfortable and they look great.  I bought mine in South Africa over two years ago and I wear it every day.  My comb has been through everything - water, rain , shampoo etc and it still works even though the wood varnish has faded.  As soon as I have saved up, I will be buying another to add to my collection.   I love them.  For those who want to see styles and or instructions . . . I came across a great site called Talanha where you can find these.




Best for medium-length hair.


Until a couple of months ago, my hair was past my hips in length, so styling and general hair care were at best an adventure. Few mass-market accessories could hold it up. I tried several products like the Butterflies--them and EZ-Combs and similar products from eBay. The African Butterfly combs are excellent quality and managed to hold up such a huge wad of hair as I had, but frankly they do better when the hair is medium-length to mid-back. If it gets any longer, the combs do their job but the elastic gets stretched out too quickly-that was the only real issue I had. It's also necessary to be careful, because the hair can get tangled in the beads. Other than that, they're really agreat product, and one shouldn't get too frustrated with using them. it takes practice, but after a few tries you can get the combs in and have them stay put. They're very comfortable and you can even lie down in them without having something poking your scalp. all, in all, worth the extra money.


Buffalo, NY


African Butterfly Hair Combs

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