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Aeroflot Russian Airlines

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Aeroflot Russian Airlines Offers Bare Bones Service


I have flown Aeroflot Russian Airlines a couple of times. I will say that it gets you from point a to b, but there are some definite issues with it. The first big issue is the fact that the ride is not particularly smooth. I'm not sure if this is because of the age of the airplanes being flown or the pilots, but they definitely are not as smooth as the American airlines I've flown. The planes are also not especially clean and they don't offer any service per se. You basically get in the plane and hope to stay in your seat the whole time and not have to use the bathrooms (going back to the clean issues). Also I have never gotten airsick from an airline trip (and I've been flying since I was about 4 years old). I did get sick on a number of flights taken with Aeroflot Russian Airlines. This airline will get you where you need to go, but if you don't have to fly I'd recommend a different travel option.

Grand Rapids, MI


A bit scary


The only reason I give Aeroflot a 5 out of 10 is because it allowed me to get home from South Korea, (where my husband and I were assigned by the Air Force), on a budget and saved me about $1000 compared to more reputable airlines. I felt extremely nervous the whole time we were in the air, given the horrible safety rating this company has had for the last few decades. Will I fly with Aeroflot again? Most likely not. Service Service on the Aeroflot flight I took from Seoul, South Korea, to Paris, France (Via Moscow), was virtually non existent. Flight attendants were extremely rude, their English was almost impossible to decipher, and should you ever need an extra glass of water after service hours, you were out of luck. Possibly the worst service I have ever experienced. In-Flight Accommodations I give this a 2 out of 10 because the seats were much wider in economy class than on other airlines. Unfortunately, the reason for that was because the airplane probably dated from 1950's. Otherwise, no tv screens, dirty, worn carpets, the bathroom was filthy and never cleaned.



Not worth the risk


  I always learned that no team is stronger than the weakest player and now that Aeroflot became a member of Skyteam it seems that the quality have decreased further. Already before the benefits of being a Platinum or Elite Plus was not consistent among the carriers, especially with the luggage rules and lounge access. I recently booked a trip from Copenhagen to Shanghai it seemed the best option was Aeroflot (I failed to notice an 18 hour layover in Moscow on the return, but that is my own fault). Since I was planning to bring two suitcases from US to Denmark I wanted to know how much luggage I could bring from Denmark to China. I therefore contacted the Aeroflot office in Denmark and they confirmed that I could bring 20 kg more since leaving from Europe to Asia is by weight and not by piece concept. On the way to China it worked fine since my flight was delayed so I was rerouted on KLM via Amsterdam (this cost me a ½ day delay, but it was better than getting stranded late at night in Moscow). When I wanted to check in from Shanghai back to Denmark I was told that I had too much luggage. I showed the email from the Aeroflot office in Denmark but the station manager in Shanghai refused to accept that. So I was there with a potential bill for bringing my things with me. I then decided to repack my stuff and send an empty suitcase as luggage to get it checked in, but then my hand luggage was too heavy. Apparently Aeroflot does not allow one carry on plus a laptop bag, so I had to get the suitcases back and repack one more time. This resulted in me almost being late for the flight and a lot of hassle for one of the so called good customers. This impression was long lasting and I swear that I will no more fly Aeroflot, I also will not recommend them to my peers and friends and I will also consider my dedication to Skyteam since I am Gold on Star Allicance and there the luggage rules are consistent and I never had any issues with them. To make matters worse I reserved my seats in advance and the nice Aeroflot staff assigned me seat with limited recline. In Economy class this means that there is no recline. On board the flight the crew refused to pick up the trash and generally a poor attitude. Only positive thing was that the aircraft was a new Airbus 330.

Peachtree City, GA


Aeroflot Russian Airlines

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