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AeroBed Queen Premier Comfort Plus

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Aerobed Mattress Is More Comfy Than Memory Foam!


I recently purchased this item so that visiting inlaws would have a place to crash since I turned my guest bedroom into a nursery. I bought this because it seemed a bit more like a real bed.  They adored it! My father in law said he sleeps better on this bed than he does in his very expensive memory foam mattress at home! I was so impressed I had to try it out.  It really was a pleasure.  Like camping out in my house! It is easy to make up and inflate/deflate. I can have the guest/nursery ready for company in about 20 minutes.  I don't think it would be the best for someone who prefers or needs a very hard mattress but for me who likes to slide to the center of a squishy bed it was perfect.  The size made getting in and out a lot easier than a traditional inflatable mattress as well.  I recently suggested it to close friends who were also expecting, and expecting inlaws. They have already tried it out and loved it themselves. So much so that they offered to give their bed to the visitors and keep the inflatable all to themselves!


Hobart, IN


I LOVE my Aerobed!


I bought my Aerobed at Bed, Bath, and Beyond. I was leary about buying such an expensive air mattress.  But, with coupons in hand, I went to BBB specifically looking for a high quality air mattress.  I bought the twin size of this Aerobed, and love it!  It is comfortable, it comes with an air mattress pad to strap on top, and a bag to store it in.  In fact, I went away the other weekend and took it with me to sleep on my friend's floor rather than take the customary couch.  It was worth it.  It inflates in a minute.  It's wonderful. BUT, not all is perfect.  This model has a built in inflating device.  Problems:  the electrical cord used to inflate it doesn't detach.  So you're stuck with this dangling cord on your bed, which I usually try to stuff up under the mattress pad lining on the side.  Second, I went traveling with this bed (yes, I dragged it overseas to an unfurnished apartment to use as my bed) and after a couple months, discovered that, due to the change in voltage and power systems, the motor burned out.  When the motor burns out, it's basically worthless.  I called Aerobed and they are very accomodating with replacements, if you have all your receipts.  I ended up taking it back to BBB to replace.  So, while it's a great bed - it doesn't take a lot of abuse.  I think they sell the same model but with a matching detached inflator - I will probably go for that with my next one. 


Bellefonte, PA


AeroBed Queen Premier Comfort Plus

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