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Aerobed One Touch Inflatable Air Mattress is better than most


I can't say that I've slept on many different kinds of air mattresses, but I've had guests who have. They have all said that this Aerobed One Touch Inflatable Air Mattress has been one of the most comfortable ones they have slept in. We have a queen size that we've been using in our temporary apartment before we move into the house. It comes with a mattress sheet to go over the air mattress, 2 patch stickers, and a bag to carry the air mattress. It's easy to inflate, just plug and press one button. It's easy to deflate-- just open the hatch for the "whoosh" and it's been through many uses. As far as the comfort... air mattresses can't compare to your own bed and mattress! So we got a memory foam mattress topper to use with the air mattress and it has been very comfortable. You almost don't even miss your own bed. Once we move into the house, we plan on using this air mattress for extra guests.

Kalamazoo, MI


When our AeroBed didn't leak, it was great!


For four and a half years my husband and I traveled around the world. We both have back issues, so we knew from previous experience how much cheap mattresses can hurt. At home we have a Select Comfort air-filled mattress, but since we were limited on weight and space in our travels, we had to come up with an alternative. We chose an **Aerobed Premier Comfort** air mattress with two controls so that we could each control the firmness of our side. It went with us all over Africa and Indonesia and was certainly better than the thin mattresses we would have been using otherwise.   However, after a few weeks of sleeping on it nightly, one side of the bed would deflate - usually in the middle of the night which is not a nice way to wake up! We patched and re-patched as necessary, but overall were not impressed with the durability of the **Aerobed**. In the interest of fairness, I will add that we discovered that *if we put the mattress on a hard, flat surface* (as opposed to using an existing mattress for a base) *the bed wasn't as apt to develop an air leak*.  So, when it stayed inflated we could not have been happier with our specific **Aerobed**, but when all the leaks started, we were very disappointed. One other thing to note - if you're using any air mattress - Aerobed or not - in a cold area, you will get doubly cold because the air under you gets cold. The best advice I could give is to pack a heated mattress pad with your air mattress (**Aerobed **used to sell one specifically for their mattresses) - it makes all the difference.  **Pro:** - When inflated, it's very comfortable (unlike other air mattresses) - The Aerobed's with the built-in pumps are very convenient - highly recommend - Fits in a suitcase and is under 50 lbs.  **Con:** - Seems to develop leaks easily

Elizabethton, TN




What did we do before AeroBeds? Like cell phones and the internet I can't seem to recall how I ever survived without them. Over the years my family and I have all had several different models and versions of these beds.  The main benefit is the convenience factor. They are so easy to use! all you have to do is unroll the bed and then use the mechanism to inflate. then when you're done the same mechanism deflates the bed. It is good about getting all of the air out too. In the old days I remember having to do a balancing act to stand on a bed in order to get the air out while simultaneously rolling it up.  I've spent months at a time sleeping on one of these before during home renovations, moves and so on.  Sadly eventually they all have developed small leaks. They all still work, but now I find that we wake up in the middle of the night with the thing half deflated. It'd not hard to reach over an inflate it again though. The mechanism is loud though, and when folded up the bed is heavy and not easy to move around. Plus, they are a bit pricey. 

Santa Cruz, CA


AeroBed Mattresses

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