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AdvoCare Slam

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Slam didn't have any effect on me


After hearing lots of the people at boot camp rave about their increased energy, mid-afternoon boost, and increased focus with Slam, I decided to give it a try, even though Spark didn't do anything for me at all. So many people indicated it had "changed my life!" I figured I'd try it since it was a safe product to take. I was eager to see what effect it would have on me - the first try, no change. I figured that was okay, I'd try it again a different time of day. Again, no change. Folks warned it was so effective that, just as with coffee and other caffeinated products, they didn't suggest taking it after supper at he risk of not being able to fall asleep - how could this have zero effect on me? So I tried a few more times, still no change. I even tried doubling up - still no effect. I understand this works for lots of people, and I wish was one of them, but the reality is it's nothing more than a flavored drink for me. I was very disappointed. I had high hopes, but it simply didn't give me any energy boost whatsoever.



Great for pre-workout energy boost


When my wife first started using AdvoCare products, I was not very interested in trying them. But after several months of seeing her get the results she wanted, I finally started to use them. I started using slam before softball games, since it comes in a small bottle and was easy to take and drink soon before the games started. It worked great, giving both energy and mental focus that would last throughout the three hours or more of games that we would have at a time. Slam gradually increases into a high, sustained energy that lasts for several hours before gradually wearing off. I've never felt any sharp spike in energy or heartrate that is sometimes associated with energy drinks, and I also never have experienced a sharp dropoff or crash when it wears off. I'm looking forward to starting this new season and seeing how well slam can work for me and help me play to the best of my abilities.



Slam power punch did give me energy!


Ok here's the deal.  I tried this product by Advocare called Slam power punch.  I actually went to their website and got a free sample of the product.  It is an energy shot.  It also says that it is a liquid vitamin and amino acid supplement.  Now I am a diabetic and I am always low on energy, so I always try to find things to give me a little boost. This product actually gave me a boost and kept me focused.  The taste is like some sort of thin cough syrup, which is not as bad as this other energy shot i tried(I'll write a review for that later) It contains 10 calories per shot.  Now here is the piece de resistance, it gave me the case of the loose.  Now as I said before I am diabetic so that may be the cause, but all in all it did give me energy.  Sorry for the TMI part, but I am just keeping it real. If you would like to try it go to their site.

Franklin, LA


AdvoCare Slam

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