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Advantech Flooring

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Advantech is hands down the best on the market.


When my husband and I decided to build a new house, we shopped around looking at what was out on the market for our new home. We planned on building it to last. When we finally got to the point where we were ready to install our flooring, we chose Advantech. It has a really good guarantee. We were doing most of the work our selves, and I have to tell you it was easy to install. My husband got sick during this time and later found out he had cancer so the floor sat there with no walls or a roof over it all that winter. We were unable to do anything to it. He had surgery and was not able to do anything for months. I was really surprised that after all the rain and ice we had that the flooring did not swell or buck in any way. Water just ponded on it, even froze on it.  Can you believe that.... it is true. Advantech is very durable. So, if you're thinking of putting down subflooring I recommend it.


Westminster, SC


Advantech Flooring

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