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Advanced Windows Care V2 Personal

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Iobits Windows Care V2 the best


I use a few of products from Iobits,com and the **Advanced Windows Care V2 Personal free version has worked great for me i have used it for a few years now and have never had a problem using it. It cleans your computer fast and so for it has never damaged anything on my computer. I also use the IObit SmartDefrag daily it runs in the taskbar silently and doesn't slow down the computer. I give Iobit.com a BIG thumbs up for great products.**

Atlanta, TX


run away from it like your life depended on it!!!


     After a month + of paid useage, I decided to toss this lack of "protection software;" into the garbage where it belonged!! Windows live one care is the worst "protection" that I ahve ever seen.    It left my pc open to ALL of the net's various "thrill rides" and when I finally removed it, I replaced it with mcaffee, which found over 50 spyware programs, 20 + viruses; and a host of boot up problems.   Frankly, it left me wondering why I bought it in the first place. I used to think that microsoft knew how to write good protection programing. Boy, was I proved wrong!   The firewall shutting down while ONLINE, was something that I never saw before. ( I have been onnline since 1994 with a 8088 and dos 3.3)   It missed over 20 different viruses, and more spyware that mcaffee found.   I highly recomend using any other protection, even a trojan condom would be better virus protection than what I got, especially if the firewall went down, AGAIN!   Windows live one care is not care, but an open way to the destruction of your pc by the stuff it let through. ( It took mcaffee over 8 hours to check and remove all of the bad stuff.).   That software was not cheap,   and neither was my pc.  So live one care got tossed before it could let my pc, and me, down again.    I am now hoping that some other software company can make an operating system better than windows, or microsoft can make,   I would switch in a heartbeat!  

Springfield, MO


Advanced Windows Care V2 Personal

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