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Advanage Cleaner

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Advanage will take you to the Cleaners


This stuff is no better an any other product out there except it's 3 time the price. Tried to contact the company but go figure, no reply. All around very disappointed in the product and would tell anyone don't waste the money.

Le Mars, IA


Advanage Cleaner is very nice!


When we see a strange salesman we usually pretend were not there, but we didn't this time. Advanage Cleaner cleans everything from walls to carpet with no damage. The price actually saves money because its concentrated so it lasts longer. For a years worth of Advanage compared to a years worth of cheap stuff, its less. If you see a friendly looking african american holding a bottle of advanage and a backpack, *answer the door!*

Silt, CO


Advanage Cleaner

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