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Adoptions Humane Society

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Humane Societies are the best place to adopt a new pet


As a child we always got our animals from our local Humane Society, so as an adult that's the first place I look. Back then it was either get an animal from a shelter, pet store, or the newspaper but now a days we have sites like Petfinder and Petango that make finding the perfect pet so much easier. Over the years I've adopted seven cats and three dogs from five shelters, three of which are Humane Societies. I'm a huge fan of what our local Humane Society's managed to do the last ten years, growing up they were in a small, cramped building that was rather old but they made it work. About ten years ago they built a brand new state of the art shelter, because their old building was in the way of a new road that the city was building. I know that a lot of people buy from breeders because they are looking for a certain breed of dog or cat but what some people don't know is that a lot of pure bred dogs are surrendered to shelters every year, last year there was a pure bred Afghan Hound at my local one. The animals I've adopted from Humane Societies are great and I've never had a bad experience when adopting my animals. The people who work there are kind and caring individuals, but I'm aware that all shelters are different. My local Humane Society has certain policies that make sure the animals are going to the right homes and I know that a lot of people don't like that because they get denied. I personally love it, the other shelter in my city will adopt to almost anyone who walks in the door and I can't tell you how many animals I know are from there end up on Craigslist or at the Humane Society. All and all I love my local Humane Society and donate food there a couple times a year.

Erie, PA


Poor Vet/ Poorer People Skills


Atlanta Humane Society I sent a 6 month old perfectly healthy kitten to be neutered and came out with a dead cat,Didn't bother to call and let us know before we went down there. The vet was cold and wanted us to take the cat out in front of all the kids.Offered us a free necrospy... really? As if I would leave my poor little guy there. Great price, but beware, it may cost you more in the end...RIP 2242012



Star quality animals


The animals at the Butte Humane Society are all very loving adorable animals.  All of these animals are very well behaved, just maybe a bit excited when people come by to see them.  And why shouldn't they be?  These animals want to go to a forever home.  Not only are there dogs and cats, but there's also guinea pigs, rabbits and any assortment of animals at any given time.  Looking for a cute cuddly lap dog; a big dog with cute floppy ears to go running with, what about a cat to keep you warm on those cold nights?  What are you waiting for, go by any local humane society adoption center or any local animal shelter and pick up your next bestfriend today!

Downieville, CA


adopting a homless dog is best


I went to the AWill county Humane Society . Looked at several dogs.   I had my grandson with me we picked one out and try to play with dog very good. Grandson and dog got along well . The people there were very helpful as far to let us see the dogs. We went back a week later and picked up the dog and we have had him a week. The dog is awesome no problems at all very smart dog.  Playful as well. My grandson loves when its time for a walk . The price for him wasn't expensive he also got the dog tracker thing insertedf into him. So if he gets lost or loose we will be able to get reunited.

Coal City, IL


Outstanding servic


We have 3 cats and I got my oldest cat Dizzy from the Am humane Society and it was a wonderful experience.  I have made donations of both pet products and time and money to this service and the people there are caring and loving towards the animals it truely shows they care.  My only regret is that every animal has not been adopted and found a happy home they all deserve

Rapid City, SD


Adoptions Humane Society

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