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Acuvue Advance for Astigmatism

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there are better contacts


When i decided to try to go to a new eye clinic and get my eye exam these were the Acuvue Advance for Astigmatism contacts were the ones that were prescribed to me. I tell you what these at the time and still are good contacts. During the eye contact exam the lovely eye doctor did try to persuade me try on other contacts that were supposedly better. I tried them and i can actually feel the contacts as if they were plastic and not soft contacts. I chose to stick with my trusty Acuvue's Advance for Astigmatism they were just that comfortable and did not feel any pain like they were scratching my eyeballs. There are better contacts out there for your precious eyeballs called Acuvue Oasys for Astigmatism Contact Lenses which i currently use. During the time that i have used Acuvue Advance for Astigmatism contacts have have torn a few of them from just cleaning them and rubbing my eyes when i have them on. So they are a little bit less durable then the contacts i currently use.

Jackson, MS


Astigmatism contacts that don't dry out eyes


As a person with an Astigmatism , my contact choices were limited for disposables.  The first brand I tried were terrible, although I didn't know better at the time.  My eyes were so tired by the time I came home from work and I was adding drops frequently to keep my eyes moist.  Vision could become blurred as the contact moved around on my eye. When these contacts were put on the market, I felt like I might as well try them.  I was very pleased with the results.  My eyes do not need drops to retain moisture and refresh the lenses.  They are comfortable for almost the entire day, which is a dramatic change.  They are comfortable and for the most part, I can't tell they are even in my eyes.  My vision is clear. The only thing that I have a problem with is that I seem to rip/tear the lenses somewhat easily.  It is easy to tell when a pair needs to be replaced.  They definitely feel different and dry much quicker than a fresh pair of lenses.

Manchester, CT


Best contact I've tried for astigmatism


Of all the different types of contacts I have tried for astigmatism these were absolutely the best. I have tried many others including Baush and Lomb versions. Those ones felt like glass and blurred super easily because they have to stay in place. These contacts can be put in at any angle and they'll go to the spot they need to be in lightening fast. There is no blur at all. Unlike the Baush and Lomb ones who MUST stay in place to see clearly, these contacts can float sideways or anyway and still the vision will be perfectly clear. They feel cool and refreshing going in my eye and last a month even though I am supposed to take them out every two weeks. I take them out each night and soak them in solution and they are like brand new the next morning. Eventually protein builds up and I can feel them get drier quicker after a month and that is when I change them. But before the month is up they last from morning til night with no problems. I don't fear a whole night out that my contacts will get dry because they just don't. I will never switch to any other type of contact. I have tried many and these are the best ones. They aren't cheap but if you can get them with the buy 2 get 1 free or other discounts then that is great. They are definitely worth the cost though and I would be happy to pay full price.  

Columbus, OH


contacts don't work well


I have astigmatism and my prescription is very high.  My optometrist advised me to use this brand.  I thought , "why not?" Since my prescription is so high, I only had two brand choices: acuvue and the other brand.   I bought two pairs of these, and gosh it was awful.  The contacts were ripped when I was at work. I had to drive around for work related stuffs too.  My eyes went blurry. I thought it was something in my eyes that caused the blurriness, but it wasn't.  It was the contacts.  It was a dark night too (I worked at night).  I went home and was very angry.  I had to go home because it was too blurry for me to work.  Thank goodness, I didn't hit any cars.  I called my friend who also bought two pairs.  She also had astigmatism and a high prescription like me.   She complained that this contacts were ripped.  I thought I was the only person who had this problem.  I tried other contacts before and none of them was ripped or torn. I bought two pairs.  The other one was ripped after I used it for three days.  Shesh, what a waste of money.  My recommendation: if you have a high prescription, please use another brand, acuvue is probably for low prescription people.

Santa Ana, CA


Acuvue Advance for Astigmatism

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