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AcneFree Sensitive Skin System

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Gentle AND effective!


I have very picky skin - prone to acne but ridiculously sensitive. I had a major breakout after having a baby (hormonal shifts), and needed to give something else a try. This cleared me up in about 3 days without totally over-drying. It was pretty amazing. I recommend using the spot treatment sparingly because it is pretty powerful. Effectiveness Really effective without being too over-drying. You can actually smell the colloidal oatmeal in the product too. Ease of Application Lathers and foams nicely. Second step is just your usual toner. Third step I used as a spot treatment only. Convenience I wish there weren't three steps (I'm lazy about my skincare when it's night and I just want to go to bed!), but I will do three steps for this kind of effectiveness. Side Effects Some drying out, which is typical for this kind of product, but no where near bad symptoms. It is the most effective product I've used for fighting acne while not completely drying skin out and making it red and flaky. Immediacy Worked in about 3 days with a really horrible, complete face breakout!



Never again


I bought this from Target. After seeing the reviews, I thought it would work for me and I would see results faster than I did using Proactiv in the past. I liked that I could buy it off the shelf instead of having to order it online. I don't have sensitive skin, but I thought this sensitive formula would be easier on my face. I was wrong. The first day I felt nothing. The second day, my face felt itchy and a few pimples decreased in size. But the next day, my face felt dry and stung a little. I looked in the mirror and since it wasn't patchy or red, I thought I stick with it. I figured my face was just getting used to a new product. I had a few new blemishes and stopped using the step 3 cream. By day 5, the feeling was unbearable. My face felt like I hadn't moisturized it for weeks. It was rough, dry and still stung all over. I had new bumps on the sides of my lip, upper lip and cheeks. I had to pile on my previous moisturizer and lotion 6 times. All it did was make my face worse than what it was. Now I have to spend more money to reverse the dryness. My face still stings and dries up quickly. This product is probably best for someone with oily skin and really severe acne. I'm returning this and getting my money back. Ease of Application Uses a 3 step system like Proactiv. Convenience I could buy it right off the shelf. Side Effects see above



AcneFree Sensitive - Gentle, no Drying, Flaking, or Redness


AcneFree Sensitive Skin System has proved to be the best over-the-counter acne treatment product I have tried!  I am a 29 year old mommy, who is still troubled by acne that flairs up mid and end month due to hormone fluctuations.  I have very sensitive, oily skin and this product is well suited for use by people with these types of skin problems.  All of the other acne treatments I have tried in the past have always burned, dried out my skin, and caused unsightly peeling and flaking.  AcneFree Sensitive is gentle, does not burn, dry out skin, or cause any peeling or flaking what-so-ever.  The Sensitive Skin System kit comes with a daily regimin of a cleanser, oil-free lotion, and spot treatment.  You only have to use a small amount of each product for adequate application, so this kit will last you about 3 months.  The only con that I can state about this product is that it did not completely eliminate my acne problems.  It did however improve it significantly.  I would estimate that my breakouts were reduced by about 70%.  Yet, in my opinion, the benefits of this product being gentle, non-irritanting, and affordable outweight this individual con.  I would recommend, that If you dislike the traditional salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide treatments, give AcneFree Sensitive Skin System a try! 

Corpus Christi, TX


Works really well, my face looks great!


I love the AcneFree Sensitive skin system! I had been using ProActiv for about a year, and it cleared some of my acne at first, but it never got any better after that. I've been using AcneFree for two months now, and my skin looks so much better than it ever has before. It also makes my skin feel softer and just better after using it. Proactiv always made my skin dry out, especially after I had been in the sun. A few weeks ago I was in the sun all day and forgot to put on sunscreen, and I didn't have any problems. I also like that the last step is a spot treatment, so I don't need to put it all over my face. Another thing that makes this slightly system slightly more convenient is that you don't have to pay attention to how long you are washing your face for. With ProActiv, they recommend that you scrub your face for 1-2 minutes. With this system you just wash your face, and rinse it off- no scrubbing needed. Lastly, this product can be found in stores for less that half the price of ProActiv. I can't find anything bad to say about it!

Coppell, TX


AcneFree Sensitive Skin System only works for a little while.


The AcneFree regular system worked well for me, but it would dry out my skin a lot. Then, I swithced to AcneFree Sensitive Skin system and it helped with preventing my skin from drying out as much. However, after about a year of using it, I think my skin may have gotten used to the formula in the system because pimples continued to pump up. It was like the system was halting what was already there from getting bigger, but not actually helping to prevent new ones from popping up. Also, it didn't help regulate my acne during my menstrual cycle because my acne would be very bad during it even using the system. All in all it was a fairly decent product.

Bensenville, IL


AcneFree Sensitive Skin System

3.8 5