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AcneFree Redness Relief

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Nothing special.


I have tried the original AcneFree 3 part system and didn't like it. I saw the AcneFree Redness Relief and wanted to try it due to it's promises of reducing redness associated with acne and rosacea since I suffer from both. I figured I may as well try it, maybe it performs better than the original formula of AcneFree. I bought the product at a drug store. I used it as directed. It comes with the face wash, toner, and lotion. It doesn't have an overly chemical smell which is nice especially since it's supposed to be a calming type of product for your skin. The 3rd step lotion is runny and not very moisturizing. It kind of left a weird residue on my face. I continued to use the AcneFree Redness Relief for about 3 weeks. It did kind of clean up some of my breakouts as they occurred. It did not dry out my skin which was nice. However, it did nothing for the redness I had associated with my rosacea. If a product makes claims to help with something then that's what I expect. Even a little bit of a change in the redness on my face would have been okay. But there was nothing changed. I'm not even sure if they still make this product but if they do, don't buy it for the redness relief purposes because it doesn't work.



Acne Free saved my face!!!!


I've suffered from acne since Ihit puberty. Mostly, my acne is on my nose, chin,and cheeks. I've been really embarrassed about it because it looks really bad, especially under makeup. I've tried to conceal it with different products, but really in the end nothing worked. I am no stranger to the acne section at CVS! I've used Noxema, Clean and Clear, Neutrogena, and St. Ives. While lots of them have helped in clearing up excess oil and a few of the blemishes, nothing really got rid of the redness, which is what i'm really concerned about. I've always had my eye on Acne Free, but I was really hesitant to use it because it's so expensive and I wasn't sure if it would turn out to be a bust like a few other products I've used. So, finally, I decided to just go for it and I am so happy I did! It cleared up the excess oil so well and the best part of all it got rid of the redness! I now am acne free and have no redness whatsoever. I would really recommend this product to anybody who suffers from acne. And after reading the box, I've found that the Redness Relief Acne Free will also work for people with rosacea.

Taft, TN


AcneFree Redness Relief

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