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AcneFree Face Wash

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Waste of Money


I tried this product in my teenage years while I was having horrible breakouts. This product is compared to Proactive treatments. Well the both suck! If you miss one day of doing to 3 step process you start to break out! I believe it is just a marketing gimmick. Effectiveness Acne would come back if one day of application was missed. Ease of Application Wash with the AcneFree face wash. Apply a toner and then a cream. Easy but annoying. Convenience Three step process was just too much to do twice a day. Side Effects Did not experience any. Immediacy Did not experience any positive results.



It works!


We started out trying Proactive, which was expensive, and we had to pay shipping and wait for it to be delivered.  Then we switched to the Acne Free system which worked okay, but it was really drying to the skin, and we ran out of cleanser before we ran out of the other two products.  We were really happy when our drugstore started carrying the cleanser as a separate product.   Acne Free is a nice facewash that washes your face without drying it out.  It also takes care of the acne in an effective manner, which of course, is the most important thing.  I feel pretty now and have more self-confidence, now that I don't have all this acne uglying it up. It smells okay and lathers okay.  The price is okay when you can find it on sale, especially as compared to other acne products. I was really happy when they started offering it by itself, outside of the treatment plan. The soap is sometimes hard to squeeze out, but you only need a little bit to wash your face.

Columbus, OH


Just another acne wash product


I bought Acne Free because they were having a promotion and I wanted something a little less expensive than ProActive. I sed Acne Free system, that is the wash, toner and creme  and did not notice a difference after week. I was still breaking out and my face actually was flaky. Compared to other acne systems, Acne Free was about a little below average and they ar enot cheap either. My face does not feel as clean, if there is such a thing, as with other producs I have tried such as clearisil or Proactive. And the creme did not do a thing to help reduce breakout or the severity of my breakouts. So, I am a little disappointed with the product. It had OK reviews and with the discount I thoughtI would give it a try. It has a lot of shelf space at the local pharmacy so I truly thought it would be a worth while product. Another thing too is that I seem to use more of the wash than with other brands. It does not foam as much as others. Overall, OK product for a regular wash and moisturize but not for Acne.

Collierville, TN


It's Fantastic!


This product is absolutely the most amazing face wash I've ever used.  My skin is very prone to acne (read, I could sneeze and break out for two weeks), and I've had a lot of trouble over the years getting it under control.  After many different products, I finally took a chance on Acne Free face wash.  The low level of Benzoyl Peroxide (2.5%) not only treated the acne I've been so desperate to get rid of, but it also didn't dry out my skin like the other acne washes I have used in the past.  It only took about three days for me to notice my skin was clearing up, and in two weeks I only had about four to five pimples left (and even THEY had shrunk dramatically.  I briefly stopped using this wash in favor of a prescription cream, but after 3 months of using it, I noticed my skin kept getting worse.  I recently came back to acne free face wash, and after a week, once again, my skin looks a lot better than it did.  I highly, HIGHLY recommend this to anyone with an acne problem.

Durham, NH


Great product without drying!


I recently beagn using Acne free when face with another bout of adult acne...it works great! It cleared my skin up quickly without leaving it dry and flaky. I have used many other products with not much results or else the dry my skin out very badly. The product smells great and controls the oil I also have on my skin..I recommend you try this product if you have tried everyhting else and nothing seems to get your acne under control. It is fairly inexpensive compared to other quality acne treatments and you won't be disappointed. It is best to use it twice per day, morning and evening for best results but I have used it only once per day and it still keeps my skin clear. Summer time breakouts are also a problem for me along my hairline and this takes care of that no problem! So, give Acne free a try and see what you think, save yourself some money by not spending it on those pricey acne treatments and you won't be sorry!

Monroeville, OH


acne free is AWESOME!!!!!!!!


i have used just about everything to clear acne from oxy to perscriptions, one day a friend told me about acne free and i havent turned back since. this product has done wonders for me in the past 6 months. i will not try anything else to clear up my acne.

Covington, KY


AcneFree Face Wash

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