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AcneFree Face Wash and Lotion

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AcneFree is a wanna-be ProActive...


I am only 23, but I still get teenage breakouts. In high school I used ProActive when it first came out. It worked for awhile, but then my breakouts got worse. Since then, I believe I have tried every single OTC acne product imaginable! I was really dissapointed in this. For the money, I thought that at least it would do SOMETHING for my face. All it did was dry me out. I didn't even finish the containers. Save your money. Now to say that this brand is horrible would be off line. They actually have a green tea moisturizer that is similar to ProActive's which I am in love with. It's just super hard to find. So find something else to actually wash your face with.

Albemarle, NC


It is an ok product that can clear some acne but not all.


acne free is a pretty good product but can not help those who have really bad acne you would be better of to get a different product it cleared up some of my acne but then it would always come back and was getting frustrating having to always all the time worry about whether  i am going to have acne or not i hate having acne it is horrible but if you do not have real severe acne and blimeses then this would most likely help some at least but you will have to use it all the time because if you do not then your acne will always just pop right back up again and that is not very good at all one good thing about this product is that you do not have to worry ABOUT  it drying up your skin like many many other product out there that doctors may subscribe to you. it also does not make you skin really really oily like some acne treatment may which can also cause your skin to get acne because it cloges your pores  

Leitchfield, KY


Acne Free will ruin your sheets and has bleaching products in it


I was not aware that acne free would ruin my sheets and all of my wash cloths.  it was on fine print on the back of the bottles,  i think it should be a little bit clearer on the front of the bottle that this does have bleaching chemicals that will ruin fabric

Saint Clair Shores, MI


AcneFree Face Wash and Lotion

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