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Acme Supreme Juicerator

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Don't waste your time.


This Acme Supreme Juicerator is seriously a waste of time. Anything that cannot just be called what it is (a juicer) and is given a fancy name (juicerator) should not be trusted. This just did not work for me at all. It has seriously low power and if you enjoy adding vegetables to your juicing, then this definitely is not the machine for you. It is a very huge pain to clean as the strainer gets horribly clogged and the juice pulp gets stuck on so easily, even if you wash it right away before even enjoying your juice. Then there is the fact that the outside is white plastic that gets stained. The good part about it is there is virtually no pulp in your juice which I love. It does not seem durable at all and I bet it will break for anyone who uses it on a regular basis. It also does not work well at all for juicing greens so steer clear of this machine unless you only ever plan to juice fruits. Stability While in Use Moves around across the counter while in session.



A real workhorse!


I had one of these juicers for well over 2 decades, and it served me well to the very end. (The decision to upgrade to a different type of juicer was driven by my need for juicing greens, which this unit wouldn't handle.) I ending up selling mine to a novice juicer who just wanted to do root vegetables, and it's still working perfectly. This is a great product overall, very reliable, durable, and easy to use. I originally purchased it because it was used commercially in my local health food store and I liked the juice they made. There are considerations when using it, the unit can sound like a jet engine, and sometimes takes a "walk" across the counter while juicing. It may also become unbalanced with too much pulp and need to be cleaned out mid-session. The small feed tube means a lot of prep work with cutting, and cleaning a centrifugal juicer basket is tricky at best, two reasons that I upgraded to a different style. I do recommend this brand, it's a great machine that worked very well for me for a good long time. If you want a simple machine for the long haul, this may be it. Pulp Setting Effectiveness No setting. Stability While in Use It walks as the feet get older. Rubber mat underneath is recommended. Ease of Cleaning A wide brush designed to clean vegetables works best. Durability 10 PLUS! Amazing motor. Mine literally lasted for decades with just blade replacement, and to my knowledge is still going strong. Versatility/Number of Features It's a basic unit, albeit a good one.



Heavy duty, juices anything.


The Acme Supreme Juicerator is heavy duty.  This juicer will juice just about anything. Most of the pulp stays in the strainer but if you don't like pulpy juice you will have to hand strain it further.  You can get liners for it that catch more pulp but I believe that this machine was designed for the consumer that likes more of a nectar texture to their juice.   Designed for people that juice all the time, it is easy to pull apart and clean and a sinch to put back together.

Urbana, OH


Acme Supreme Juicerator

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