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Acme 8001 100 Watts Juicer

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Great Juicer


Acme Juicers are great, they are alittle spendy but they will last forever and they work great.My parents had a Acme Juicer and they had it for years and years . I inherited it after they past away and continued to use it for years. Loved it. Ended up giving it to my sister and she still has it and uses it and loves it. We bought this one and have had it for years and have never had a problem with it and it works really well. Just put the fruit or vegy in (whole) and out comes your juice. I'ts that simple .It is so easy to use. The clean up is just as simple, just run hot water through it (really hot water) a couple times right after use. We love it. I definatley rocommend.



Works great, easy to clean


This is a very nice juicer! When I bought it at a local health food store, it was the same machine they were using there in their restaurant to make fresh juices, and the restaurant staff recommended it highly. Stability While in Use I have never had any problem with this juicer moving or doing anything not normal while it is working. It seems very stable and grounded. Ease of Cleaning One thing I really appreciate about this juicer is how easy it is to clean! Everything comes apart easily and rinses clean very easily just using hot water and my sink sprayer. The stainless steel always stays shiny. It's also very easy to reassemble after cleaning. Durability I bought this juicer such a long time ago I can't remember when I got it, yet it still works perfectly! It gets an A+ for durability! Design The only thing buyers should be aware of is that this is a juice EXTRACTOR: in other words, it extracts the juice from the produce and leaves the pulp behind. To get "total juice", i.e. every single part of the produce turned into juice, you need a Vita-Mix - which I have also reviewed for Viewpoints and love. If you want juice and don't care about using all solid parts of the produce, though, this Acme Juicerator is the best.

Stone Mountain, GA


Acme 8001 100 Watts Juicer

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