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Achilles ATR Sport Tires

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Bargain of the century


This tire is a gem. Not because it's the best tire out there, but it provides the best bang for the buck by miles ahead of all others. I'm a die-hard car enthusiast and a father of two. So I needed an enthusiast oriented budget tire for my Mr2 Spyder. This tire was one of the cheapest and had decent reviews, so I gave it a try. And boy did this perform. It's not the best, but it performs just as well as Bridgestone Potenza's for example at a fraction of the cost. Now, this is advertised as an all-season tire, but take it with a grain of salt. Since the rubber compound was designed for all weather, it won't freeze solid even at frigid conditions, but it won't be fun on snow higher than 1 inch. Having said that, I have driven my car with those tires on snow over 4 inches. It's doable, but you have to be really careful. Rain traction is good; not great, just good. This is an all-weather performance tire, so take it as what it is, and it does better in many categories than most tires more expensive than this.



Achilles ATR Sport Tires

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