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Acer inch Monitor

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clear and reliable


We have had our Acer monitor for over 2 years and it's as bright and clear as the day we got it.  This is impressive, considering the fact that my huband frequently hauls it from place to place for gaming.  It doesn't seem to skip a beat with the whole hot, cold, hot, cold thing.  The resolution is bright and crisp.  It produces HD quality feed when we are watching tv shows on Hulu.  The screen can scratch if you are not careful though, but the scratches aren't too terribly disruptive.  I would definitely not put it in a place where young children can reach it for this reason.  Definitely cover it with some sort of cloth if you are transporting it as well to further prevent scratches.  It seems to get dusty really fast, but is relatively easy to clean with a chamois.  The wide screen format is super handy if you do a lot of multiple page websurfing and comparison shopping.  It's big enough to read all the words while still leaving room for you to be able to see your other pages on the side.

Cambridge, MN


The acer AL2016w is great for watching movies and playing games.


The built in auto settings are very useful the picture is great and it doesn't take forever to power-up like some of my previous monitors. the text setting is great when the bright white of the internet starts to hurt your eyes.

Corning, CA


Great monitor!


We have owned this particular Acer monitor for going on three years now and have absolutely no complaints.  It provides a clear picture with great color and a very slim profile.  I love that the monitor fits easily on the back corner of our desk, which is against a wall... The monitor tucks nicely into the corner, taking up very little space while offering great visibility and extended work space.  It is sturdy and does not tip easily.  Controls are easy to find with silver buttons standing out agains the black frame.  However, the buttons are slim and non-descript.  Easy to understand, the control buttons are much nicer than older monitors.  I also appreciate that I can turn the screen off as our office is off the bedroom and extra lights at night drive me crazy.  When on, the monitor has a small green light on the power button, but when the computer is turned off, it turns orange.  If I push the monitor power button, the light goes away altogether.  We have considered buying a second monitor just like this one for another computer.

Hopkins, MI


Acer inch Monitor

4.7 3