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Acer inch LCD Monitor

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very very good prodect

MS.otaku K.S.A


Awkward Shape, nice picture, not that many ports, sleek texture.


The shape really takes away from it. I guess that's the nature of the size. I wouldn't really recommend this for anything. Maybe everyday simple use for someone who isn't into computers. I definitely wouldn't recommend this product for gaming of any sort. The size is just too small for that. I would use something like a 23 inch monitor for that. I wouldn't recommend this monitor to be used in a work setting either. Display Quality No complaints at this point. Gives nice HD picture which is the main thing you need in a monitor. The size just doesn't fit it. Compatibility Could have more ports in the back such as HDMI, DVI, and VGA. More ports the better in reality. Not a huge drawback though, only 1 is required (obviously). Ease of Use Not much to say here with it being a monitor. I guess the simple display settings are fairly easy to navigate given that you know what you are looking for. I suppose knowing the terms they use would help too.



Acer monitors are reliable and priced right


The Acer monitor came bundled with my computer, so I wasn't ecpecting much, figured it was just a throw in with the desktop I wanted. Actually it proved to be good enough not to replace. The color is good, I haven't had any bad pixels and it is clear from varied viewpoints. The controls were a little different at first, not the location I was used to, but now I am used to them and don't give it a second thought. The unit is completely adjustable up, down, side to side. And it is firm when in position. I have not had it sloooowly slip down after I have raised it up, which happened on a couple of other monitors I have had. Cables and connectors have been fine. If any problem, it doesn have a fairly large footprint, which takes up some space on the shelf I have it on. But the stability that provides makes it acceptable. It has lasted well, and I don't see any deterioration, so I will be keeping it around. A pleasant surprise with a low price tag!

West Chester, PA


Acer AL1715 17 inch LCD Monitor


I am using my Acer AL1715 17 inch LCD Monitor to see what i am typing right now. How exciting is that! Well let me say one thing, if you like computers you need an acer monitor and what better than the Acer AL1715 17 inch LCD Monitor? Let me start out by telling you the one and only negative thing i have ever found or heard about this great product called the Acer AL1715 17 inch LCD Monitor: Durability. It has a little tiny green line going vertically down the screen which is hardly even noticable if the Acer AL1715 17 inch LCD Monitor is turned on and the screenshot is completely black. Even then i bet hardly anybody over the age of 65 could even find it if you payed them. But lets good to the good stuff, It is very bright, the colors are THE most vibrant i have ever seen from a monitor in the 21st century or any other century for that matter. The settings are easily adjustable and the Acer AL1715 17 inch LCD Monitor is very portable. Two words Great Buy.

Raleigh, NC


Acer inch LCD Monitor

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