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Acer Veriton M Series desktop computer

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I don't like the fact that I don't have Office or Word on this


I bought my Acer 'Veriton M Series' desk top computer last year in August.  I got it to replace an old Gateway computer that I still use for making documents.  The one thing that I don't like about this new computer is the fact that it didn't come with the 'Office' program or even have 'Word' (which I think is part of the 'Office' program). I found many uses with the 'Word' program on my old Gateway compter and really miss having it on the Acer. I bought the Acer through Fingerhut.com and didn't realize I didn't have Office until after my 90 day warranty was up.  This computer has a flat screen monitor and much lighter than my old one.  My Gateway monitor was one of the really heavy ones and my desk top was starting to collapse.  That was the main reason that I switched over to the flat screen monitor.  However, even without the Office program (which I can buy separately), I am very pleased with the Acer computer. My son had one that I used when visiting him last year and I really liked it.  That's why, when I was looking for a new computer, I decided to go with the Acer.  I would recommend this brand to anyone.  

Riverdale, GA


I have never had so many problems with a computer.


I use an Acer Veriton 6900Pro at my place of work. I have never had so many problems with a computer. I regularly get fatal errors and my computer will shut down randomly and for no apparent reason. Sometimes it just shuts off by itself, sometimes I get a blue screen with white writing and a loud, constand noise and have to shut it off manually. In both cases when the computer reboots I am told that Windows has recovered from a serious error. We have three of the same models at work and they all have these problems, while I use the same operating system on a different model computer at home with no such issues. To me, an Acer is a low priced computer for a reason and I would describe them as cheap as opposed to cost effective. The Acer I use is a couple years old now and in addition to all the fatal error problems, I've found it has slowed down considerably when it comes to loading when turned on. I would never personally buy an Acer.

International Falls, MN


Acer Veriton M Series desktop computer

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