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Acer Monitor

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Great Monitor for a decent price!


This monitor displays text and images with pretty good quality. Bigger than I thought, which is always a good thing! The monitor itself was pretty cheap and a good overall quality of it. Acer is a trusted company that makes  good quality products for a good price.

Foxboro, MA


This Acer S201HL Monitor is crystal clear


I have always purchased flat screen monitors from Acer and they have have always been top of the line.  I just recently purchased this new monitor for my wife's new desktop and just like the others, it the same quality image and durability as the others.  The monitor on my computer is a 19 inch Acer LCD widescreen which is huge.  With resolutions higher than 1680 X 1050, which is what I used on my monitor, everything is crystal clear.  Where you are playing next generation video games, watching high definition movies, this monitor will give you some really good pictures.  My wife is all about watching her reality tv shows and with her new screen she never leaves her computer now.  Before with her old computer (with an old square 12 inch monitor) she couldn't stand it.  The picture was always grainy and wasn't worth watching.  Now with her new desktop computer and 20 inch monitor she feels like she is always watching Hi-def TV.

Raleigh, NC


Acer Monitor

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