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Acer Monitor

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the acer p215h monitor is a computer gamers dream!


love my acer p215h monitor.  it is widescreen great picture quality very is also  capable of withstanding long gaming sessions with great refresh rates. I would highly recomend it to anyone who loves quality pictures also great for viewing dvds and movies on. have spent many quality hours  on mine working on graphic and artwork software where i know the tones and look had to be just right and i never waivered in my trust of how great the quality of the acer p215h monitor is. it is a simple to install and able to be used by any computer competence level. the acer p215h also has a few cool features such as auto adjust and Empowering technology that  allows you to chose a preset arangement to best view multiple applications based on the application type such as graphics, text, user determined , video, or a standard generic preset.  it is also able to accept vga or dvi input. but generaly speaking it has never disapointed me and given me hours upon hours of quality dependable enjoyment.

London, OH


Acer Monitor

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