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Acer LCD Monitor

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Acer G215H LCD: Affordable 1920x1080p


If you've read my prior computer related posts, you know I'm not much of computer builder and I'm sort of a wanna be PC gamer.  I've always been satisfied with an 18" being an RTS gamer:  I had all the info I need to play the game.  Then I upgraded my vid card and noticed the graphical jump and wanted to see what I can do with a 21.5".   I love the real estate of this screen.  Its like moving from a 2 bd rm apt to a 5 bd home.  The screen isn't to big to make me feel like I spent money for more than I needed.   Set up was easy, essentially plug and play.  If you have problems, you might need to restart your computer for the changes to take effect.   There is only one thing that some might find as a drawback.  When researching this product, I read some review about how the screen doesn't give a true black at the edges.  I have a plain solid black desktop wallpaper.  You can see the light shine through the edges.  I don't find this a problem aesthetically and is not noticeable when playing games.  For the price of this screen, that's a small small problem to deal with.    

Vallejo, CA


Fantastic, great picture and value!


I bought two of these monitors on black friday and it's fantastic!  They are of a great size, the text is very crisp, and they are efficient on power.  I also like how well it was built.  It is very sturdy compared to my old LG monitor.  Now for the drawbacks, they colors aren't fantastic.  My LG had a much better picture than this but I prefer the build quality of the Acer, plus the price difference between the two was substantial, again, making this acer a much better choice.  I game occasionally on this monitor and they're is no lag or screen tearing and looks great in game.  I have also watched several movies on it and have written many papers and the resolution is fantastic for its size.  I had three monitors hooked up at one time (eyefinity) and another drawback would be how large the bezels are.  I have two hooked up as I stated and when I drag a program across the monitor to the other there is about an inch gap but this is a nonissue to most.  All in all, I would recommend this monitor to anyone who wants a budget-orriented monitor with a great picture and build quality.

Taylor, MI


A good, standard desktop LCD.


I purchased this monitor a few months ago so I've had some time to really get a feel for it.  It has held up very well, and it has been reliable so far.  I haven't had any dead or stuck pixels or any other technical difficulties.  Physically it is very solid.  I've moved it around quite a bit without it picking up any cracks or scratches.  The bezel is pronounced and doesn't flex very much.  The base clicks on securely and is similarly durable.  The rotating mechanism is a little stiff, but it can still be adjusted with one hand. The style reminds me of an alienware case or a fighter jet.  It would be out of place if it didn't match my case (and for that matter most aftermarket computer cases).  The inside of the bezel is gloss and contrasts with the outside which is textured.  I wish the bezel was thinner, shallower.The gloss produces a faux mirror blur effect on the icons pinned to my taskbar.  It looks kind of nice but cheap at the same time. The colors seem natural enough, better than most LED monitors I've seen.  The blacks aren't very black, but the contrast is acceptable overall.  There isn't any noticable light leakage from the lamp.  I have the brightness turned down quite a bit because it is almost blinding when turned up all the way.

Sioux Falls, SD


Acer LCD Monitor

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