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H213H bmid
Acer LCD Monitor

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This monitor was purchased about two years ago. It comes w/ 3 Different Input Cables for visual, which include VGA, HDMI, DVI-D In; and an Audio-In slot. This beautiful Full HD 1080p monitor has a great picture. It has 5 Touch (heat sensored) buttons on the front which let you change the Input, Screen Resoulution/Monitor Menu, Auto Config, and Volume (if you have an audio cable hooked up to the monitor). The Computer it came with doesn't have an HDMI Input, but you would barely notice whether or not you had HD Hooked up because the picture is the clearest ever for a computer monitor! And To save power you can adjust the brightness, also If you are watching a movie, reading text, or playing a video game you can change the settings to display a perfect picture for whatever you are doing! It is nice and wide, it can even double as a small High Definition Television if you hook up the HDMI Cable, then sitback and enjoy your favorite Television show or movie!    Perfect for no matter what you are doing!!!!

New Lisbon, NJ


Great monitor for the price


This is a great monitor for the price.  The colors are accurate.  The wide screen is a great thing to have.  It is easy to hook up and it came with all of the cables needed, HDMI, PC, DVI.  Just pull it out of the box and hook up, no additional items to purchase.  It is a full HD 1080 resolution.  It has the input selector button on the front to make it easy to use the monitor for other applications such as a blu-ray playback.  With the resolution, it has HDTV and blu-ray quality display of video content.  It is great for 3D gaming, movies, video or photo slide shows. It has a bonus of having built in speakers.  They are not the best speakers, but at least they were included.  It has an anti glare screen.  It has the visa mount which gives you the option to hang it on the wall or to mount it on an arm.  It is fast, sharp, and rich, this monitor is a perfect mate to any computer. It has vivid, true-to-life color.

South Milwaukee, WI


Good video, horrendous audio


This review is for the Acer 21.5" H213H monitor.  This monitor has a glossy black bezel and built-in speakers.  The video on the monitor is nice.  Though it was a bit difficult for me to get it tuned to how I wanted it to look, the default settings weren't that great.  I don't do any gaming, so I can't comment on that aspect of the monitor, but it's full 1080p resolution, in conjunction with the HDCP allows Blu Ray video watching at full resolution and the video looks pretty good. However, the speakers are worth about 3 cents, I don't know why Acer even included them with the monitor.  First of all, they sound really bad.  Second of all, when the monitor goes into standby, the speakers turn off as well, so you can't walk away from your computer with your music playing and expect it to keep playing while the monitor goes into standby (which I do quite often). All in all, this is a pretty good monitor, but don't plan on putting away your current speakers when you order it (like I did!).

Addison, IL


Acer LCD Monitor

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