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A100 07u16u
Acer Iconia Tab 7-Inch GB Tablet

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This is a decent tablet for the price that it was on the site that I purchased this from. Overall I love everything about it except that it doesn't have a rear view camera and the quality is not too good on front camera. I would recommend this tablet to anybody who would love a tablet that is not for too much money. Battery Life Seems to last about a few hours without the charger in. Processing Speed Just got this for Christmas and it is very fast at this moment. I'd have to have it a while to determine if that'll still be the case after long use. Tablets tend to slow down after downloading different apps and using it a lot. Weight This tablet is very light in my hands I must say. Sometimes I forget it's even in my hands. App Availability Most of the apps I need and want a tree found in the play store, but then again a handful of them are not compatible with my device even though they are found in the app store. Design You have the choice between three different colors white red and blue and I chose the white which is a very lovely color.




This little tablet has eveything wanted and needed for someone.


I was not paying attention to the scale diagram.I meant the rating to be a ten. I own both a computer and a laptop, still use my Acer tablet more than my other devices. Battery Life I am very impressed with my tablets battery lifetime. I watch a lot of videos and movies still leaving me plenty of time to surf the internet. Processing Speed This little tablet loads up very quickly. I have wireless internet even with three computers or laptops working at the same the. Weight The weight is perfect for me. It is not so light that the tablet falls out of my hands. But, it is not so heavy that my arm or hand get tired from holding the tablet. App Availability I am amazed at all the apps available. Plus most of the apps are free ! I can even use my tablet as a telephone ! Design I love the design. Easy to hold horizontally and vertically , I would not want a larger screen. Durability very durable.I am a carless person.Anything I own has to be hardy,tough,as well as sturdt!




paid for headache


I would only want it if it was total free then not sure Battery Life Battery never ran down but product didn't work worth a xx so any battery would last forever. Processing Speed hope you know how to knit because you will have time to do a good size project while it is loading Weight the weight is just find App Availability the app availability is all right Design nice style Durability this is a 20 20 question as it is such a pain who know how long it will last or how long before you throw it out the door


Mexico, MO


Acer Iconia Tab 7-Inch GB Tablet

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