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Acer Aspire desktop computer

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Wouldm definately purchase this computer again


I bought this computer 3 years ago and the amount of memory I have still does not surpass the amount of memory that I need.As I have stated above the comptuer has a very fast uplaod ans well as download time.It's stylish and compact for a desktop unit.The only problem I havd had with the computer in three years is that the sound quality is kinda poor.Their are no external speakers only internal which makes watching tv or movies online a little unbearable.But if you are going to pass on the online tv watching then this is a highly recommended package.

Cleveland, OH


The Acer Aspire is a great computer compared to most others.


A veru good computer. The Acer Aspire is very fast and reliable, and it doesn't make very much noise. I remember I had computers that would overheat and shutdown. Then  I bought this, and it made everything so much easier. The Acer Aspire is a lifesaver!

Malvern, PA


I'm Surprised on my Acer Aspire, Its very good w/ no problems!


I got my in April 30, 2009, and I have not had a problem with it since. I was alittle shaky at first because it wasn't what I called a top name brand. Boy was I wrong! My Acer is a very good Computor and I am shopping for a bigger Monitor as I'm writing this review. I am on my computer quite often and I love it. It has great color in the monitor. Very easy to clean. Actually it is a good looking machine. I have had alot of compliments on it through my friends when the first see it. I used to have a HP, but now I would buy another or even think about even getting my Laptop In Acer Quality. I will actually start to shop for my Acer Laptop in the near future. But I will tell you something> I will never give up on my Acer Aspire T180. It will be with me until it Dies for good. I pray that this will not happen to me. I want toi thank you for allowing this review to be read by a Serious Acer Aspire T180 User. Thank you! 

Saint Petersburg, FL


Not a good computer


Please research your computers before buying them!  I thought that going with Acer was a safe bet, since many friends recommend them, but I was wrong!  This computer just doesn't have the speed or capacity that is needed for even the most basic of tasks.  The graphics are pretty sub par and the sound is not acceptable.  I run Windows Vista Premium on my other computer, but this the T180 cannot support it (I have to run Windows Basic).  The guy that sold it to me told me that it could be expanded pretty easily, but I've had other people tell me differently.  It came with some trial software for Norton.  Setting it up was a bit of a pain, in that the directions are not that clear.  My unit does not have a reset switch, so shutting it down is somewhat of a chore.  When this computer runs, it is very noisy! I am very glad that I got this computer very cheap because I would be furious if I paid full price for this. 

Columbus, IN


I'd recommend it to anyone.


The Acer Aspire T180 desktop computer is certainly a good one. I bought it about six months ago and have had no problems with it. It came with plenty of free trial programs through microsoft. The screen is large where everything is always perfectly clear, but the one and only problem I have with it is that the screen is so hard to keep clean. We are constantly wiping finger prints and dust off and it never goes away. This is my fifth computer but the first time I have had this problem. Other than that, its a fantastic computer! It's fast and doesn't do as much 'thinking' as some others. I'd recommend it to anyone.

Alvin, TX


A very good computer, easy to setup and use right away


This computer has more capabilities than I ever expected, and have learned to use most of them.    This is the second Acer PC I have purchased.  Far superior to the Gateway I once had.  I have really been very impressed with the Acer products, and would highly recommend them to others.  Enjoy your new computer!

Las Vegas, NV


Good quallity for the price. Much perfer acer to hp.


Acer is great for making low cost high quallity computers.  I don't think you can find better computers for the money.  the monitor is crisp and has solid viewing angle.  Computer loads quickly and is great for most multi media needs.  Though if your going to do a lot of high end gaming you may want to look else where

Louisville, KY


Acer was a disappoinment almost as soon as I bought it.


The Acer laptop is a very big disappointment. When I bought the computer I figured it had to be a good one because the university uses them. I found that it barely works most of the time. I have had it for about six months, and it is stuck on the main page now. I no longer can use the computer. I now must send it off to the manufacture's to be repaired. It is an inexpensive product, but I did not expect it to break down so soon. I am very disgusted and disappointed.

Little Rock, AR


Great technology for the money!!!


I bought this computer about 9 months ago for my online  classes.  I have installed Microsoft Office and I still have a lot of memory to save my school projects.  The only thing I have to complain about is the volume is not very loud.  It has many great features.  I absolutely love this computer.

West Helena, AR


Best computer that we have ever had.


We have had this computer for a couple of months now.  Our previous computers include Emachines & Compaq.  Our last one we had for about 2 years before it decided to attempt a crash.  When trying to decide the nect computer to purchase, I actually went to the computer technicians that we have at work (I work at a local college).  I knew that they had experience with this brand because several departments had recently bought them.  He kept telling me about how they really enjoyed working on the Acer Aspire computers.    The only trouble that we have had with this computer has been with the Windows Vista program that came installed on it.  There are so many backwards ways that you have to do things.  When you hook up the speakers, you have to basically tell the computer that they are there!!  We had issues with a strange sound coming from them--& discovered that there was a sound effect that had been activated on it!!

Nashville, AR


Acer Aspire desktop computer

3.7 11