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Acer Aspire S3-951-6828 13.3-Inch HD Display Ultrabook

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The Acer Aspire 13.3-Inch HD Display Ultrabook was the first laptop I owned, which I purchased when I went off to college. I owned it for only three months before it completely died. The laptop was reasonably priced, looked sleek and was lightweight. Back when I purchased it I did not have enough sense to look at reviews beforehand, or I would have avoided this laptop at all costs! It worked fine for the first month or so. I then started noticing the battery dying very quickly. I had to keep it plugged in most of the time I was using it. After about 3 months it had an error message pop up then it shut down. I could not get it to turn back on. I contacted Acer support and they told me to send it in to be looked at. They would not even provide me with a prepaid shipping label so I had to pay the full cost of shipping. After a few WEEKS my laptop was returned to me. The laptop still did not turn on. The company seriously sent me back my laptop in the exact same condition!? I took it to a third party to have it looked at. He told me my motherboard was fried and it would be a waste of my money to have it replaced due to the high cost. He then told me that this was a common problem with this particular laptop. I will not own another Acer product. They completely ripped me off. Battery Life The battery life quickly declined. Support & Service After sending the laptop to Acer they returned it WITHOUT fixing it! I even had to pay for the shipping, which was expensive! Design The laptop looks nice but seems to be cheaply made. Durability I only had this laptop THREE months before it completely died.



Great laptop but a bit pricey


Good overall laptop but a little bit more expensive than I wanted to spend. Came with a lot of useless stuff that had to be gotten rid of. Battery life is good - getting at least 7 hours in power saving mode. Has a problem with getting a little hot after a while.



TERRIBLE...unless all you want to do is check your email.


Like the other reviewer said, if you plan to use this for completely basic tasks, it is a great laptop. It can fit in regular bags, is lightweight and easy to take anywhere, and weighs very little. Having said that, the battery life is terrible, and after only a few months mine would only last for about 20 minutes. Replacing it was no simple task since it is inside the actual laptop, so I had to send it to Acer in Texas for about two weeks for a replacement. Life without your laptop is not easy.... If you plan to run any moderately hefty programs, you're in for endless frustration. It is extremely slow (even though I have only used about 1/4 of the hard drive space), freezes sometimes several times per hour, etc. Basically, it is incapable of multitasking whatsoever. Also, my DC jack input is completely loose, so it will only charge if it is in just the right position (as in, upside down so a light pressure is being applied to the cord, and leaning at a precise angle against something else). Therefore, I can almost never charge it while using it. Above all, it's completely overpriced. You can buy way more computer for the same price, and even if that would mean you didn't get an "ultrabook", new laptops are so lightweight anyway. There is absolutely no reason to buy this Acer. Support & Service Though replacing my battery was covered under warranty, they first returned it to me without completing the repair, so I had to send it back to Texas AGAIN. When they screw up, they do nothing to expedite the process for you either.



Great if you're looking for something simple!


I bought this computer as a simple, easy-to-use notebook. It's been great! I am a college student and primarily use it to write papers and research on the internet. It has a totally slick and light design that I'm really in love with and receive compliments for all the time. In fact, I chose the computer because of how light it is--about a pound or less (it's about a half-an inch thick as well). It does not come with a CD/DVD insert so if you need to burn disks or watch a movie you cannot do that with this computer. Also, the speakers are too quiet! Very, very low volume. However, the design, lightness, and reliability of this computer are wonderful. The screen is beautiful as well. It did come with Windows 8 installed which at first caused me some headaches, but the set-up is very adaptable. You will need to buy Windows products such as Word Processor if you do not have a product key already available to you after so many months of owning this computer (the free trial ends after 3 months I think.) Battery Life Battery life is awesome! Speed/Performance Can be a little slow, but that could be my using it too much.



Acer Aspire S3-951-6828 13.3-Inch HD Display Ultrabook

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