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Acer Aspire One P531 Notebook PC

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Acer one the great netbook


My husband has brought me an Acer one netbook for my birthday and it is the best thing I ever used becuase this netbook is very fast and portable. It is very light weight to carry anywhere and if you have Wifi is is quick and you could take the netbook anywhere to connect to the internet. I used to use a desk top computer but the connection was slow so I got mad and told my husband I didn't want the desktop anymore. so when I finally got my Acer one netbook I use it everyday and I spend all my free time one the internet doing personal things and posting my resume.  I used my acer in the living room while I watch tv. This is the best investment my husband ever made. I will be getting another one for my daughter when she goes to college. Ease of Use well this acer notebook is very easy and light weight Battery Life the battery life is long enough for a couple of hours Support & Service the support service are very helpful and the service is very prompt. Speed/Performance the speed is fast enough to do searches quickly Design it is sleek and stylish Durability it is durable and well made

New York, NY


Acer Aspire One P531 Notebook PC

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