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Acer Aspire One AO722-C62kk (886541221681) Netbook

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Acer Aspire One


Within the first week of recieving this Notebook I had problems with it. For a college students who needs something to function well, this did not meet the standards. Don't get me wrong, it's efficient, but it tends to run slow or freezes up at the worst moment!! It's gotten so bad that it slows and freezes when using Microsoft word while the internet (Firefox) is open. The positives about this Notebook is that it's small and easy to carry. Maybe its the memory or the hardware on this. I would recommend this as a leisure notebook, definitely not for work or school. Ease of Use It's not hard to find what you're looking for to use. It just takes a while because it slows down wayy too often. I dislike that I'm unable to do certain modifications to this Notebook, especially since I'm the sole user. For instance, Internet Explorer. Ever since that one upgrade and constant freezing, I switched to Firefox. For some strange reason, I'm unable to delete Internet Explorer. That frustrates me because it's one more unnecessary application that slows my Acer. Battery Life Battery Life is pretty good. It's all about knowing how to efficiently use it. When I first received the Acer, battery life was depleting within a few hours. It was only after knowing about the Power Saver option that my battery life lasted a few more hours. I bought a cooling fan a couple years back to help but it didn't seem to do much. Support & Service I personally have not contacted Acer for any problems I've dealt with since using this Notebook so I can't really give a rating. The closest thing to this subject would be the time when I accidentally cracked the screen. The lady who had purchased this Notebook for me as a gift dealt with the company and had a pleasant experience. Speed/Performance Absolutely terrible!! When I first got this Acer, the speed was decent, nothing to brag about but definitely no complaints. I'm not sure what's happened since but the speed and performance has gone down. If I'm trying to finish up an assignment before it's due online, I can sadly count on it to start acting up. As an engineering student, I would not want to download necessary programs for my major because I know it would have problems being used on this Acer. Design The design is pretty nice. Definitely no complaints there. My only thing is that I wish the was a CD-ROM but I haven't had much need for that. Durability Maybe it's because it's small, but I don't think it durable when compared to a larger laptop. When it had to get fixed due to the screen being cracked, I believe it was either under a backpack (mind you, the Acer was in it's own padded case) or I had it in a chair next to my butt.



Great deal


I purchased this product as a compute for playing some flash-based games and working on books. It's light, easy to use, and does the job. As far as normal games, it can play some on very low settings (World of Warcraft, Scribblenauts, etc.) but has issues when it comes to particle-intensity and an overwhelming amount of people in one are. Otherwise, it works pretty well. The model I received has something called "HD internet" which makes no sense at all. Internet videos do not always stream well (in fact on at low resolution it runs rather slow) and even when I allow a video to buffer it will stutter for some time. HD internet is a bit misleading.



Great netbook or laptop


This Acer machine is somewhere between the line of a laptop and a netbook. It as a small screen (11.6 inches.) However, it has 4 gbs of ram and windows 7 home premium installed on it. The small screen size makes it look like a netbook. However, the windows 7 home premium OS and the 4gb of ram makes it look like a laptop. I found it extremely portable to carry around due to its size and weight. I carry it on my business trips and I carry it to connect to my hdtv via the hdmi port. It has a 6-cell battery, so it will lasts around 7 hours. It has a dual core c-60 and a very good video card. I have no problem running 1080p videos on it. I am able to run basic microsoft applications and surf the web without any problems. As a matter of fact, I am typing up this review on this acer computer.

New York, NY


Acer Aspire One AO722-C62kk (886541221681) Netbook

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