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Acer Aspire AS7750G-6662 (LXRMK02001) PC Notebook

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Durable Performance


The Acer Aspire is sleek and stylish, but is also a high-performing and durable notebook. It can handle game and media graphics, is very fast and trouble free, and performs without breakdowns. Plenty of USB ports and a CD-DVD player make it easy to add-on and expand the laptop's functionality. Screen size is generous and overall the unit is light weight without being fragile. The keyboard is ergonomically placed, with a touchpad that allows top to bottom and side to side scrolling. The touchpad surface is liable to wear over time, with the most frequent touch spot losing some of the teflon layer. Keys are well designed and quiet. Noise from the computer is muted and the fan sends heat out the back of the unit. Overall, graphics are bright and clear with many options to adjust for individual preferences. Ease of Use Very ergonomically designed. Battery Life Has the usual 4-6 hour battery life, but recharges quickly. Support & Service Average support and service. Speed/Performance Very fast and responsive for its price range. Design USB ports are near the front and might be easier to work with if placed in back. Other than that, this laptop is very well designed. Durability I am someone who treats laptops very roughly, and Acer has easily withstood my abuse!



Acer Aspire AS7750G-6662 (LXRMK02001) PC Notebook

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