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Acer Aspire AS5755G-9471 (LXRPX02045) PC Notebook

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Easy to Use Laptop


My husband and I bought this laptop as an open box from NewEgg. We have not had any problems with it. I would recommend it. Everything loads at the speed we would like. We were a little worried about longevity, since we have never had an Acer before. However, we have had ours for about three years, with no problems.

Palm Bay, FL


Compact and Competant


The Aspire is very tiny, however, once you get used to the keys on the keyboard being closer together than you are accustomed to, it is an all together worthwhile purchase. Ease of Use Keys are a little close together for my comfort but I am getting used to it. Otherwise, it is very easy to use. Battery Life About 2-3 hours battery life without plug-in. Speed/Performance It is just as fast as a full sized laptop. Slows down a bit according to how much data you are saving on the hard drive. Recommend an external if you download a lot of movies and the like. Design Compact and very portable. There are a number of carry cases and bags available for this model as well. Durability I accidentally dropped mine on the pavement from a standing position.. and it still works properly, no cracks or scars of any kind. Very durable.



Acer Aspire AS5755G-9471 (LXRPX02045) PC Notebook

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