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Acer Aspire 8930 Notebook PC

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My Acer Aspire 8930 is the best laptop I have ever owned


.  The Acer Aspire 18.4" laptop is attractive, easy to use and comes with many useful standard features.  The Bio-Protection fingerprint reader is easy to set up and works well without any "glitchy" reading problems.  You can use this feature to store passwords, so you don't have to remember them all.  When you go to a website requiring logging in, you will be prompted to scan your finger and it will log in for you, this is one of my favorite features!  Who can keep all those internet passwords straight?  The display is large and clear, so it is great for watching movies or playing video games, I do both a lot.  Keep in mind this laptop is huge, which I love, but others may find it to be too big.  Finding a case for it may be a bit of a challenge, but there are some online.  The webcam is very good quality and takes excellent pictures.  I have used it as a webcam and found it to be slightly better than average.  Depending on where you purchase this laptop, there may be customizable options, such as hard drive size and memory.  I was sure to have DDR3 memory, 1 gig of dedicated graphics memory, (which I would highly recommend), as well as a HD DVD player/burner.  I have the 2.53Ghz Duo Core processor which can handle anything I throw at it.  I can hook up a second screen and watch a movie on my laptop while playing a graphics intense game on the extra monitor with no problems.  This computer is an excellent choice for a gaming enthusiast, movie watcher, or graphics design student, because of the large crystal clear display, fast processor and Cinematic surround sound.  As someone who enjoys photography as a hobby, I really appreciate being able to see my new photographs so clearly on this beautiful screen.  If you are someone who just checks emails and does some word processing, this may be more computer than you need.  There is one downside: Acers normally come loaded with a ton of extra software.  I knew this ahead of time and had a computer geek friend clean it up for me.  Also, the only operating system option when I bought this laptop was Vista.  Now that I have used Vista, I actually like it fine and have not had any problems. 


Colorado Springs, CO


Inexpensive laptop for core-2 duo


Acer is continuing to improve its brand image in north america and they hit another home run with Acer Aspire 8930. This laptop contains a core 2 duo processor from Intel so it is not the latest processor from intel but still not too old processor either. It is feature reach in other specs too. The laptop I bougt containg Windows Vista operating system but I bought and installed Windows 7 operating system on it. It contains 4 GB DDR3 RAM, which is awesome because Windows 7 operating system works flawless on 4 GB ram and in near future this is more than enough memory requirement for anyone using the laptop for standard home use.  Another plus point is its big screen size. It contains screen size of 18.4 inches which makes everything look so great on this laptop. With this big screen size laptop one drawback you get is the weight. This laptop is 9 lbs in weight so definitely not the lightest around and it is its one drawback. Also, it got a very generous hard drive space as it contains 320 GB storage space. Overall very good laptop at affordable prize.


Wesley Chapel, FL


Acer 8930G: Sleek solution to ending desktop dependency.


While I haven't had this item for a too long (owned this machine for just about a little under a year although it does feel longer), I do use it on a day to day basis running it for a good portion of the day so it does feel really used after a while. On outside aesthetics, the Acer 8930G has a sleek and glossy looking black cover. When you tilt it a certain way, you can see that is has bits of blue in it. However, when you close it, it looks all black. There is also an Acer logo that is lit up by a backlight. As it is in 5.1 Dolby Digital sound, Acer's has a **Tuba CineBass** subwoofer and it is located in the back of the laptop. I particularly like that idea as it incorporates a subwoofer inside the laptop without making it look like it is out of place. I did not even realize that it had a subwoofer until I read about it, and saw the back of the machine. On the left side of the subwoofer is where the power supply can be plugged into the laptop, and on the right side is a slot for a security lock/chain. **Pros to outside aesthetics:** - Gorgeous sleek look - Easy to lift open (no need to press a button to open up the display) lid - Nice Acer backlit logo - Subwoofer hidden in plain view **Cons:** - Fingerprint/dust magnet - Some may not like the white glow of the logo if you are in a dark room - Laptop lid does not have a dedicated close button so when it is being carried, it feels as if you may damage the monitor when it bangs against the other part of the laptop - A note on why that may happen, Acer's Tuba CineBass subwoofer is essentially the hinge of the laptop Opening up the laptop, we are greeted by something that seems to be out of a futuristic control panel. It is Acer's "**CineDash**" panel where it with one touch, one can control various media options in their built in program "Acer Arcade Deluxe" where when you put in a dvd or a music cd, it automatically loads up to play. The CineDash panel features a "hold" button where if you don't want to accidentally turn up the volume, it would null the controls whenever "hold" is activated. There is also a convenient button for mute. You have a volume gauge that you can by moving your finger up and down it, can either lower or raise the volume. However, sometimes it is not very touch sensitive and you would have to repeat your motions before it will recognize (that or I am not pressing hard enough, or moving fast enough... I suppose your mileage will vary depending on your pressure). On the top right hand corner, is a little triangular button that if you do not really look, it is easily unnoticable. It has an "e" on it, and pressing it opens up Acer's **Empowering Technology**. (*Side note: I noticed that it does not work when you upgrade to Windows 7, so if you value the Empowering Technology option, then you may want to wait until Acer comes out with a fix or upgrade to it, however it is merely bloatware on Acer's behalf since you can still access those options via your Start menu > Acer > Empowering Technology)*. It is basically just a handy shortcut that opens up a small bar with various menus that you can access for Acer, such as its audio settings, battery options, backup files, security, as well as hardware information (like system information). Also, along the top side above the keyboard, you have the top left, top middle, and top right speakers that are pretty much unnoticable until you see the air holes. It blends in quite nicely with the laptop and the power button is integrated into the speakers. The other two speakers are located on the bottom side of the laptop. The middle is a full QWERTY keyboard plus a **numeric keypad**. To me, that just screams "desktop replacement" as you would never see a numeric keypad on a traditional laptop (not including an external add-on). To the right on the side, is a sliver of buttons which when using Acer's built in Launch Manager program, one can customize three buttons to open up various programs of their choosing. By default, from top to bottom it will open up when pressed: the radio (wireless internet signal), open up a homepage of your choosing, opens up your default mail client (which would be MS Outlook), and Bluetooth (I've heard that the 8930G comes with bluetooth, but it does not. You will have to purchase a dongle or get it installed internally). By using the Launch Manager, you can change the commands of those buttons (with the exception of the radio). The palm rest is covered in a tactile "**duct-tape like**" feeling. It looks like little grey bricks to me as a design. There is a touchpad that is a bit off to the left as opposed to being in the middle (but that is no problem at all), and under that touchpad is two buttons for your left/right buttons. What the 8930G provides that is unique is that there is a biometrics sensor between the left/right buttons. There are two lights then that are under the left/right buttons which tell you that your laptop is on (blue light that is constantly on as long as your laptop is), and the other one shows that you are running on AC power (yellow green). When it is not plugged in and is running on battery power, it displays blue only, and when charging, it is orange. I did not really use the **biometrics** program very much as I found that you had to scan each individual finger up-down, as opposed to rubbing your finger down-up. I found that it was very inconvenient to get an accurate scan. Although I read that you can customize each finger that when scanned, opens a program of your choice or run a command. Finally, underneath your wrist rest would be the other two speakers (left and right), as well as a **multi-card reader** that reads various formats and an** IR port**. However, I do not use IR, so I cannot give a good opinion on whether or not it works well with any hardware I have. **Pros of controls**: - Spacious due to the laptop's sheer size - Beautiful blue glow on volume control as well as power - Enough room for your wrists to rest and type comfortably - Customizable buttons - Speakers are blended in very nicely - Multi-card reader/IR port **Cons of controls:** - Keys sometimes do not register when you type, you have to "stab" the keys at times to get it them to work - Keys have a "fake", plastic feel to them, not very tactile to the touch - Keys are easily smudged by fingerprints as well as dead skin if you use it too much without wiping it down (gross, I know) - Biometrics - YMMV as some people may find it hard to drag their finger down-up and the program does not recognize the loops and whorls Overall, this is a pretty sturdy product, and it is a great desktop replacement. There are enough USB ports for expansion with external HDDs, and it isn't too heavy (especially since it is made as a desktop replacement, you aren't really expected to haul it for too far of a distance). I bought this product as a gaming laptop and it does not disappoint. I recommend this laptop for anyone who is looking for a machine that will last them for quite some time.


Queens, NY


Acer Aspire 8930 Notebook PC

4.7 3