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Acer Aspire 5516 Notebook PC

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My acer aspire laptop is awesome because it has a number keypad.


I really like my acer aspire laptop because it is easy to use.  It was very easy to set up and get started using it.  Its been a year since I bought it and I still love it.  I really like the fact it has a number keypad on it unlike many laptops.  That feature saves me a lot of time.  It is also easy to type on.  It is also easy to read the screen.  Also, I like how affordable my laptop was.  For the amount I paid for it, I am very pleased with it.  It is so convient being it is a laptop versus a desktop that I am on it much more than I ever was on a desktop.  I also like how it has a multi-card reader making it easy to download camer pictures to.  It also can play dvd's which is nice and it burns disks like all computers. One thing i dont like about it is that it only has to usb connections.  However i have never needed to use more than two at a time.  But, i would really like the option of using more.  Also, it does not have that much memory space but I have not found it to be a problem. Overall, I think that an Acer laptop is a good investment. 

Battle Creek, MI


This Acer Laptop is great.


This is a high quality laptop.  It has a nice wide screen.  Very simple and easy to use.  A plus to this laptop is the numercial key pad.  The only drawback to the numercial key pad is a person had to hit the num link to use hone, end, delete, page up or down.  Also the letters on the keys is a sticker.  A plus is if the consumer does not like the mouse pad there is a button near the power key to click so consumers can use an external usb mouse.  There are only 2 USB ports.  The battery does not last long on full power.  If placing a SD Card in the slot consumers may have a hard time pushing the card in.  Card reader does take sd, xd, and others.  The laptop came with a lot of pre loaded games.  Drawback on games is consumer only gets 60 minutes of play, then consumer had to buy game.  The laptop does not have a webcam.  Laptop does come preloaded with an on-line back up.  Drawback this system does not come with any CD's or manfacture software.  I would recommend this laptop to high school or college students.  

Pembroke, KY


great laptop versitile


i purchased acer in may 2009 and have nothing but good things to say about this laptop. i have a part time online job and also use for personal and recreation, games etc.the acer aspire is far better that the ibm i used before

Merced, CA


The Acer Notebook Rocks!


The Acer 5516 has everything I need for a great price! It's has an excellent display screen for viewing pics, movies, ect. I like the ease of use of this pc. There's a movie maker that is simple to use and fun! It's a great pc for the person like me who likes to use it for music, dvd burning and web-surfing. It has built in wi-fi which is great for taking on the road or using outside the home. I always get a good connection and the acer performs the task at great speed. It's also very light weight, but tough! This is my lst notebook and It was good one to start off with! The salesperson try to sell me one for twice as much, but I figured this unit would be fine. I was right! I had no problems and done a lot of work with this model. I also have streamed many movies and shows and only had high quality! This is a great pc for the intermediate user like me! I've taking this pc all over the U.S on tours with my band been satisfied everytime w/perfomance.  Overall for the price I paid for this new, it was well worth it!

North Hollywood, CA


The Acer Aspire--for those who need quality at a good price


The Acer Aspire 5516 laptop has been a pleasant surprise. The widescreen is awesome, the graphics are clear. It serves all of our on the go needs. The only draw backs thus far are the short battery life and the low volume speaker playback without earplugs. The design is sleek and everything works great.

Yorktown, IN


Acer Aspire 5516 Notebook PC

4.2 5