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Acer Aspire 5050 Notebook PC

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thank god this is convienent to move around and easy to use!


For a person like me who is used to the heavy and very non-portable desk top computers with very little storage a piece of technology like this is a one of my better invenstments. It has room to store all of my files for home and travel. The fact that I can even take it on my motorcycle is one of the selling factors for me. If it fits on a bike it will also go on a plane, a bus, or any other mode of transportation. However, having a spare battery is one thing I would recommend if you are using it without the powercord. Being able to access the internet without sticking something in the side is a benefit that cannot be discounted. Needless to say I am very pleased with my choice and have been learning more as I go along.

Elko, NV


Affortable quality fun notebook!!!


I am a basic computer user. I do a lot of surfing the net for everyday things. I am a very frequent online shopper, I do most of my shopping online. I receive a lot of email and do a lot of general searching. I use my laptop for this and a few other simple activities. If you are looking for a laptop for basic use this one if for you. I am not a computer savvy person and this one is very simple to navigate. I recommed this for a begining user or someone that is looking for a basic laptop. If you are looking for a lot of advanced features and or going to use this laptop for more serious or strenuos activity this may not be the laptop for you.

Jonesboro, GA


Buy something else


The laptop has not been a great value. I had to upgrade right away with more ram. It takes several trys to boot up sometimes. It is not powerful enough to handle windows vista, I would reccomend trying to put 98 or xp on it. It works great finding wi-fi hot spots!

Fort Smith, AR


Should have come with XP.


My Acer as purchased was nothing but a hunk of junk.  Vista is quite possibly the worst operating system ever made.  This laptop never ran right correctly until I wiped it clean and put XP on it.  The screen was constantly blinking from driver issues, the internal wireless didn't work until I formatted and used XP drivers, and Vista just plain uses way too much memory and causes the whole machine to be slow.  I don't think it's so much my dislike of Acer products but Windows using Vista and promoting such a horrid product.

Milan, IL


Acer Rocks!


I am 39 years old and have been computing since the early internet days so I have been through many computers since then.  My favorite by far is this Acer laptop computer.  I have used an Acer desktop computer system for the last three years with minimal hardware problems and even fewer software or technical problems.  When it was time for me to buy my next computer system I knew without a doubt it would be some form of Acer system also i knew I wanted a laptop computer so I could be more mobile.  This laptop computer was the one I picked and I highly recommend it to anyone with computer experience.  I also recommend it to anyone who has never turned one on and has no clue what they are doing at all.  Technical support is excellent, any question you have they can answer.  This particular laptop however is great it is really fast when surfing the internet.  The software programs are excellent.   Like I was saying I highly recomend this laptop for both newbies and techies with the Windows Vista operating system it is well worth the investment.  

Middlesboro, KY


The Acer Aspire is a versatile, easy-to-use machine.


I bought the Acer Aspire three years ago to use in my work as a teacher.  I'm not of the computer generation, but I have found this computer meets my needs.  It is great to be able to carry one's records about and work on them wherever and whenever there is opportunity, and laptops are great for that. Since I was laid off from my teaching job, I have used the computer for shopping, keeping up with my friends, learning news of the day, and researching topics I'm interested in.  What a powerful tool!  It is amazing to be able to find out things instantly with a simple google search. What are the drawbacks?  First, I've already had to upgrade the memory of the machine, just to keep it from getting too clogged up. Sometimes the machine runs very hot, and that worries me some.  It has had a few moments in the last couple of years, but all told, it is quite reliable. An unexpected plus of the Acer 5050 is the ability to connect the tv to the laptop and view shows that have been downloaded from the internet.  My son bought a more recent model which does not have this capability.  I know I have not used this machine for all it is capable of, but I have enjoyed it and found it to be a profitable purchase in many respects.  

Gainesville, GA


My Acer laptop's a perfect fit for all my computer needs.


I do not use my computer for very long, however, I use it everyday.  It works very well for what I need and want to do not only online, but for offline as well.  The only thing negative that I think I could say is that I need a larger memory to hold everything that I would like to do on this computer.  Games are a little tricky, especially if they run on the internet.  They run a little slowly.  This computer, however, is almost three years old.  My Acer is a little on the old side, but if it is not broke, do not fix it, especially in these hard economic times.  When I do get the money to buy a new laptop, it will be another Acer laptop.  I use this computer to goof around on the internet, watch videos, listen to music, among other things.  The load time without a game on the computer is very fast, with a game it is not slow by any means.  Lastly, I like how light my Acer is, especially since I had a baby.  It is not a strain at all to carry it around.

Jerseyville, IL


Acer Aspire 5050 Notebook PC

3.9 7