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Acer ASPIRE 4315 Notebook PC

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Great for the price


Our Acer computer is the only one we have ever owned. We have had it over three years now and never had any problem with anything. The battery lasts from morning until night and it is very easy to use as well. And the few times I've called Acer with questions they explained the answers very well



The Acer Aspire Netbook is very convenient


Acer notebooks or laptops come from the large Acer Group of Taiwan, which is one of the world's biggest computer makers. Founded by Taiwanese tycoon Stan Shih in 1976, Acer is better known for its peripherals (monitors and scanners) than it is forits notebook computers.However, it does produce some high top quality notebooks that are listed in this Notebook Guide. Mainly, the very popular Acer - TravelMate, a top rated tablet pc that makes many top ten lists. These very versatile tablet laptops are worth considering if you do a lot of note taking - especiallypopular with 'in-the-field' professionals, like salesmen, real estate agents and so on.

Killeen, TX


Great laptop for everyday use.


This is a great laptop for the price. First let me say that in a few years time I went through several laptops ranging from Dell to Toshiba and all had physical as well as mechanical/software issues within one year of purchase. For quite a while it seemed as though I was cursed when it cam to Laptops. This laptop however is different. I have had it for almost three years with no issues at all. Unless you count Windows Vista which was the default operating system when I first bought the laptop. Vista is the worst operating system ever and the more I used my laptop the slower it got and the more frequently Windows would crash. So I downgraded to WIndows XP Home and have had absolutely no issues since. The laptop has a water proof keyboard which is great for me as I have been known to spill my coffee in the early morning hours. It is fairly light weight about two pound. And it is very tough. When deciding to purchase this laptop one of the deciding factors was an informercial in which they dropped the laptop down the stairs and it still continued to work and appeared undamaged. Now I would never test this by dropping mine down the stairs but it is comforting to know that it is built tough.

Portageville, NY


it is well worth it


the acer aspire laptop is well worth the money. it is a fast and easy to use computer.i woull tell people to buy this laptop.i bought this computer for my son for his birthday and he uses it for everything from school work to just playing on the internet. he is only 12 years old and he has no problem using it.

Jacksonville, FL


Acer ASPIRE 4315 Notebook PC

4.3 4