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Acer AL1917 19 inch LCD Monitor

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Super clear, long lasting


I have owned this computer monitor for 2 years now and it works great. It is not too small, not to large and the clarity is great. I wanted a monitor that I could use for hours at a time and it would not get over heated. I had one before, (another brand) that within just a few months started having funny coloring and pictures were not correctly colored. I realised it was probably going to burn out on me right in the middle of something important and it did. Thankfully I had ordered my Acer monitor a few days earlier and it arrived at my house just in time to replace the other one. This monitor is easy to set the settings the way you want with front panel buttons. I have owned Acer products before and have always been happy with them so when I saw this Acer monitor on sale at Christmas time at Wal-Mart at a really reasonable price I ordered it. When it arrive I was extremly happy with the quality. I would buy an Acer Monitor again in a heartbeat.

Mountain Rest, SC


Acer AL1917 is a real bargain


The Acer AL1917 19 inch LCD Monitor is a great bargain. As an IT professional, the quality and clarity of my screen is integral to my daily work. Also, my desk is usually crowded with work, so the amount of desk space a monitor takes up is important. The Acer AL1917 has an extremely small footprint for the type of monitor. The color, clarity, ease of setup, and affordable cost all add to make this a great monitor for any daily computer user. On average, I use my work pc anywhere from 45 to 60 hours every week. After having the monitor for the last couple of years, I have experienced little or no screen burn, or hardware failures. In fact, I use two of them side-by-side instead of a extra-wide screen, so that I can customize each screen for the applications I use most. On occassion, I have had a need to have the monitors on for long periods of time, and still have not had any problems with restarting, resolution loss, or ghosting. The only real flaw, is the speakers that are in the monitor housing below the screen. They are definetly not for multi-media consumption. If your job requires clear sound that can reasonably be used at louder volumes, than this monitor is not for you. Otherwise, for a IT staff, or home office on a tight budget with moderate to heavy monitor usage, the Acer AL1917 is a great deal.

Broken Arrow, OK


Acer AL1917 19 inch LCD Monitor

4.0 2