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Acer AL1916W Monitor

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I'm very pleased with the Acer AL1916W Moniter!


Acer AL1916W:    I must say that I am plesenty supprised at the quality for the price I got out of this moniter! To be honest I purchased it for the inexpensive price, and for no other reason. I had not even heard of acer until about a year or so ago, and only then because I saw it in the store. I had some serious doubt's about the product since no one I knew had ever had anything by the company. I now own a acer computer as well, and for the price it is decent, but the Moniter is just as good as you would expect any moniter to be! The color's are bold, and it's the perfect size. I don't have a t.v. well not a working one anyway, and I use the acer moniter as my one and only t.v.!   I watch all my DVD's on it, as well as all T.V. show's and movies from I am still blown away after almost a year of having it at how clear the movie's are when I watch them. I also used it to watch some "3D" movie's I bought on DVD, the kind with the funkie glasses with two different color's. I had watched that kind of movie on a regular flat screen t.v. before and you cold bearly tell that it was in 3D, but when I watched the same movies with the same glasses on my acer Moniter, it literally looked like I was in the freaking movie! NO JOKE! I was so excited about the quality of 3D i have been buying all kind's of new 3D movies just to watch on my moniter! on a scale of 1-10 I would deffinatly have to give it a 9 I would give it a 10 but I do know there are even better one's out there no matter how good i think this one is! but I will be just fine sticking to my acer AL1916W  


Jefferson, NC


Love my 19" Acer Computer Monitor


   I love my Acer 19" LCD monitor. My monitor died and I was in a pinch to get a new one. I headed to Tiger Direct on-line to check out what was available. After trying several sites, I found a really good deal on the Acer. I read reviews and ratings on several sites before making my final decision, because I needed something good but fast. I have been very satisfied with the color and quality of this awesome monitor. I love that it does not take up a lot of space on my desk and has a great picture from several different angles. I think you get more than you pay for with this monitor. I am very happy with all aspects of the monitor. I have gotten several positive comments on my monitor from friends, family and customers. I would like to get another one in the near future for my kids to use on the family computer.  The design is very modern and sharp too, this is a definite A+ in my book..


Pickerington, OH


have 2, one giving trouble


We bought 2 of these a while back because they had a great deal on them. One is already giving us trouble. The button to turn it on has already stopped working for us. If you keep working with it you can eventually get it to come on. After 5 to 10 minutes and about the time you are ready to throw it in the trash. We don't use these that much so for it to do this already isn't right. I don't think I could recommend this to someone because of this. We are hoping this one doesn't start to give us problems with that. Also on the bad one, the plug to hook it to power is in a bad place. It pushes sideways on the connector on the back of the monitor. Thats what I thought we would have trouble with first. The one we use now is a little different. They apparently changed that and have it where its not that way any more. I hope they also put a better on/off button in this one


Ocala, FL


Nice monitor but color sucks


This Acer AL1916 monitor was purchased for my home PC and it started out working great. I actually purchased three of them at once. One of them worked fine for several months but then it began to show signs of color fade, or color shift. Now I have to skew the color adjustment way to one side to get the image to look normal. Since it was one of three, I am guessing that the monitor has an issue that needs to go back for repair.


Glen Burnie, MD


great monitor, great color, easy to hook up.


this monitor  (model AL1916WA version AL1916WAbd)has received good ratings on  this is the first lcd that i have owned and so far i am impressed.  it is very easy to hook up and it came right up.  good control over the brightness and contrast.  very good color.   this monitor has both digital and analog hook ups for the video out of your computer and so far i can't tell the difference between them.  i have both hooked up.  it also comes with all the cables you need to hook up either input.  bought this at wal and had it shipped to the store for free shipping.  shipping is not very fast but it was free so you don't expect extremely fast. 19 inches is a big monitor but it does make everything much easier too see.   i would recommend this to you if you are looking for a good monitor.  i am not into gaming so cannot comment on whether it will perform well with many of the newer games.  


Belleville, IL


Acer AL1916W Monitor

4.0 5