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Ace Royal Shield Paint

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a uniform paint, available in several finishes. washable and dur


Ace Royal Shield paints are available at participating Ace Hardwares. The computerized color mixer ensures uniform coverage everytime. You can even take a swatch of fabric to the store and they can mix that exact color of paint for you. Ace Royal Shield paint is as easy to work with as their interior paint, staying a consistant texture even if exposed to some sun or chilly air. This exterior paint is virtually mistake proof. Ace Royal Shield interior paint is very very durable against staining. Their window and trim paint is also excellent for kitchen cupboards. It adheres very well, and will hold up to scratch pads , finger prints, little kids and puppies. Cleanup with Ace Royal Shield paints is so easy it is painless. This paint will even clean off of clothes with fairly imedieate attention. A little soap with some water and a fingernail brush is all you need for cleaning it off hands and it'll wash out of hair with an average shampooing. Ace Royal Shield paint may be applied with applicating tool of your choice.

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Ace Royal Shield Paint

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