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Ace Royal
Ace Royal Interiors Semi-Gloss

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Great paint


When we were planning on moving into our new house, our local Ace held their annual paint sale. One of the best deals on paint was the Ace Royal line, so we decided to try it, even though we had never used it before. We chose a light gray color and had it mixed in the store. It mixed well and thoroughly, requiring only occasional stirring and remixing while actually painting. The paint was a good consistency before liquid form, allowing it to be poured into a tray easily without being too runny. It also was pretty easy to roll it onto the walls. Dry time took a few hours before we were able to apply a second coat. Since painting it, our boys have stayed in that room, and we have been very pleased with the results. The semi-gloss looks pleasant, and the paint has not faded from the sun coming in the window. In addition, it has been easy to clean, both from the residue from sticky tack (pictures hung on the walls) and dirt and other things that little boys get on the walls. Overall, I would highly recommend this paint.



Ace Royal Interiors Semi-Gloss

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