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Ace Hardware Ace 20717 Claw Hammer 16 Oz

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Good Hammer


I have used this hammer for several projects, including simply driving nails, knocking wooden framing apart, and chipping away at concrete. Especially when doing heavy-duty hammering, this hammer has felt solid.it has never shown signs of giving way or breaking. The cushioned handle also does a good job of absorbing some of the force of the blow. It is cushioned and is comfortable to hold, and it allows my hand to get a good solid grip on it. But it is also soft enough to absorb the impact of the blow. The head of the hammer is solid, and it is easily able to break through wood or concrete. The claw on the back is set at somewhat of an odd angle. It can pull out nails pretty easily in an open area. But if working in a confined space, it can be difficult to get a nail into the claw and have the space needed to get the leverage required to remove the nail. But overall, this hammer has worked out quite well for me.



Ace Hardware Ace 20717 Claw Hammer 16 Oz

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