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Acai Berry Edge
Acai Berry Edge Cleansing Support System

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Acai worked for me!


Hi, I first started taking Acai IN January 2010. I found it while surfing the web. I was at a little over 200 pounds and I desperately needed to loose some weight so I ordered the free trial of Acai along with the colo cleanse. I lost 30 pounds in three months. I was content with my weight so I quit taking them. I kept the weight off all year. During the holidays I gained five pounds back so I ordered me some more pills and I'm going to get started on my diet again. Since I only gained five pounds I don't have much extra to loose. So now I can continue working on those extra pounds I wanted to loose. If I can loose another 30 pounds in the next three months. I think I can do it. I have faith in me and in Acai. I do believe Acai is the new wonder fruit. I was a little skeptical myself but I said it's worth the try. When I seen the picture of the girl's before and after picture they had me.   I do have to admit. I didn't do it with the pill alone. I tried to watch what I ate as much as I could. And I drank lots and lots of water. When my friends would see me and ask me what happened to you. You look good. Tell me what your taking so I can take it with you. It made me feel so good and modevated me even more. Acai is all natrual with no side effects. I would recomend it to every body. Acai has truely been a blessing to me.

Houston, TX


good for a cleanse


I tried this product for a cleanse. It works if you follow the packaging as directed. You will lose, but it is not a long term fix. This is for fitting in those jeans you want to wear next friday. But beware, It will come back on, if you go back to old habits. It is good for a jump start, getting your system rid of toxins/waste. But you have to do the rest. You will lose in the first 7 days. And be warned, dont be far from a rest room while taking this product. It will sneak up on you and you must be ready!  I found it to do exactly what i wanted it to. And it was very accurate in packaging truth. Much more than others I have tried. Overall, I was very pleased with the result, the price and the ease of use. Im not a fan of something that will give me headaches, jitters or increased trips to the ladies room. However, with this this was the least inconvient of the 3, and got the reasults that I wanted. Worth it!

Essexville, MI


Not worth the money


I think this is a gimick.  I've read that the berry is good for you, so I figured why not give it a try.  It did nothing.  Don't spend your money.  There is nothing better then calorie counting and working out.

Westland, MI


The hassle of Acai Berry Edge isn't worth the money.


Ordered a "free" sample over the internet before researching very well.  By the time it got to me I had done more research online and talked myself out of it, learning that most companies that have gotten on the acai berry bandwagon don't make it in a way that preserves it very well.  So **I never even tried the product**.  I cancelled my order in the right amount of time so that my account wasn't charged again, but had other pain in the butt issues with the ordering process through their computer system (never received a confirmation page after submittal until the last try), ended up receiving 5! orders in the mail, and their customer service was atrocious.  I spent no less than 3 hours on the phone trying to explain the mistakes, got put on hold forever and passed from one department to another (all requiring another holding session), or was told so-and-so would call me back within 24 hours and they never did, before finally being told that it was my mistake, not theirs and they weren't going to refund me any money, despite the fact that the 3 additional packages I had received were still unopened.  So if you're convince you want to try it, make darn sure that's what you really want.  And if you do I would definitely recommend a different company!

Salt Lake City, UT


acai berry edge is the answer for weight loss


 ever since i started using acai berry my 17 years figure is coming back again . actually i lost 22 pounds in 4 months with the use of acai berry  edge . it is wonderfull  and i wii recommend it to any body that wants to lose weight. i like it because it will boost your energy and increase your metabolism

San Antonio, TX


It is a waste of money


**I bought the Acai Berry diet pills several weeks ago, so far, I have not lost any weight.  The pills do not seem to give me any more energy then normal and have not curb my appetite at all. The only positives I could say for the pills is they do seem to help me stay regular.**

Tulsa, OK


Acai Berry has some VERY serious side-effects!


I did the 30day trial of the Acai Berry Edge product from GNS(notGNC). I went into this trial open-minded. I started taking them on a monday. I followed directions and took two in am. and two in pm, with food and water,as directed.by the first evening i had problems. I had such maiodorous gas that my hubby threatened to make me sleep on the couch! I had such bad diarrhea i was in the bathroom every 10 minutes(no exaggeration!). I thought it was just temporary. It got worse ! By that friday i stopped taking them and almost went to the hospital due to rectal bleeding!!After only 5 days! my doctor said if it got worse or didn't stop by monday to go to emergency room. It has stopped yet. i have a doctors appt. for tues. I returned the product for a refund. I would suggest no one try this product, the risk outweighs the benefits.

Colorado Springs, CO


Acai Berry Edge Cleansing Support System

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