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Absolut Peach Vodka

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The Secret To My Spiced Peach Pie


When I started making spiced pies I was a little disappointed; they would either turn out tasting like a regular homemade pie or the taste would be so powerful that you couldn't manager more than a few bites. Most of the time when I make the spiced peach pie it is for an adult-only party and I make everyone well aware that there is alcohol in the pie. It gets served with butter pecan ice cream and the flavor combination is amazing. You can still pick up a hint of the vodka in the peach slices but it isn't something that really dominates the dessert. When I make a spiced peach pie I make everything including the crust. The peaches are sorted by size and darkness then sliced in to eighths; I puncture then with a fork and place them in a deep glass baking dish and pour Absolut Peach Vodka over them along with some freshly ground cinnamon and nutmeg. I let them sit for about four to six hours then use them for the filling for the pie. I tried letting them sit overnight and they were too mushy to use in the pie so they were tossed in the blender and turned into a whipped dessert. From the bottle this has a strong but not overpowering taste to it; if you want to make a mixed fruit drink but don't have any fresh peaches to use with it you can use a shot of this and the taste is noticeable without being something that is going to dominate the drink. I did try this as a shot (neat, no ice) and it was too sweet for my taste. I think with some carbonated water or over ice it might be a little more appealing but if I am going to do vodka shots chances are I will go with an unflavored vodka. I have several flavored vodkas in my liquor cabinet and most of them are used at one time or another when I am baking or cooking to give food a little extra kick. I was impressed with the Absolut Peach Vodka because of the pure taste of it but as mentioned, for me it is a little too sweet to drink straight up.



Not what I expected


I decided to try this after I had the 72 bian limited edition of absolut from China which was very smooth and had a nice mellow flavor over ice. There are not many peach flavored vodka or any type of alcohol available so after liking the regular one I thought this might be even better. I got the last bottle at the store I went to and many more flavors were still available so I thought this might be the best. I was so wrong...this did taste ok by itself, but when added with ice I almost threw up. It becomes extremely bitter when ice is added and I still can't figure out why since the other one was not bitter at all. I am not one to waste so I will probably be mixing this with fruit juices if not drinking it alone. You can taste the peach flavor when not put over ice, but I would prefer the regular absolut over this. Other than that, I like the bottle but I don't think I will be purchasing this again.

San Jose, CA


Absolutly yummy peach vodka


I love love love anything that is peach flavored, ever since I was a child I remember peaches being my absolute favorite fruit, and picking out all of the peach flavored jolly ranchers!!!  Now that Im all grown up I get to try ever so many more yummy peach flavored concoctions!!!  In my twenties I was all about the "fuzzy navel"  Peach snapps and orange juice, but I always hated how sweet and syrupy it was...it left my mouth and teeth feeling like I had just ate a whole bag of skittles!  I soon opted for straight vodka and started juicing my own peaches and necterines as a mixer...it was so much better tasting but alot of work just for a drink or two!!!  When I finally found a bottle of Absolute Peach Vodka at my local liquer store I was so excited I didnt even look at the price (It wasnt very much anyway) I grabbed a bottle of diet sprite and a bottle of the peach vodka and took them both to the girls book club meeting!!!  Everyone fell in love with the light fruity taste..I prefer mine with the diet sprite, but some girls were adding it to orange juice just like the old fuzzy navel and said that it tasted so much better then what they have had in the past!  So me and my girls are sold!  Absolute Peach Vodka is the best!!!

Clio, MI


Absolut Peach Vodka makes drinks taste better!


   This Vodka makes everything taste so much better.  Every time I go out with my friends they are always drinking just regular Vodka and redbull's,  or Vodka and cranberries. I always get mine with **Absolut Peach Vodka. Mandarin vodka makes all the drinks taste so much better, and there is no nasty after-taste. When I drink Absolut Peach Vodka it makes me feel refreshed and not so average. When people ask me what I am drinking and they always want to taste, then they end up ordering some too! I am always looking for more ways to make drinks with Absolut Peach Vodka, and normally the bartenders know exactly what I am looking for. Have you ever tried it with Red Bull? Sprite? Cranberry? Or in a Long Island? I am telling you that you should try it in anything you have with Vodka, because you will be so surprised that you will want to keep going back for more. More times than I can count I have been told I am crazy for the love I have for this particular Vodka, and more times than I can count I have shown that it's how everyone should feel.  Try Absolut Peach Vodka and you will see what I am talking about.**  

Fresno, CA


Absolut Peach Vodka

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