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So-so travel site


I didn't know what to expect when I first visited About.com/Travel, but I found it to be somewhat informative for certain people and places. All major cities were very well represented on the website. There were excellent in depth articles on every major attraction in New York, L.A, Chicago, Las Vegas, and Orlando. Sadly I couldn't find many articles on the small towns that I visit from time to time for work, but I was able to get some great ideas for road trips through the mid west. After searching the website for a good 15 minutes I came to the conclusion that this site is really geared toward the masses, which isn't a bad thing, but it doesn't separate them from other travel sites. There was no information on the little buried hot spots across the world that only the locals visit. A lot of the topics on About.com/Travel can be found on the front page of Yahoo. Even though I found this website's overall viewpoint to be generic I was able to comb through the different categorizes to find some useful information for future references.

Westchester, IL


It is okay.


I just recently discovered that about.com had a travel section. I decided to look around the website since I have a trip to Chicago coming up soon. The website features some great articles that range from where to eat when traveling, family vacations, staying fit while traveling, and everything in between. At the top of the page there are drop downs where you can chose specific categories [hotels, flights, etc] and find a huge number of articles on the topic. There are a few downsides to this website. For starters, the search feature located just above the drop down options is useless. Because about.com is an article website, that search feature just leads you to other websites. The other problem is the organization of the website. I find it to be cluttered and overwhelming. The website is alright if you want some general travel information but there are much better sources out there. Ease of Use There are numerous articles on the website regarding traveling. To search for specific topics you use the drop down options at the top of the page. Do not bother using the search feature because it will just take you to the search on other websites. Stick with only using the drop down boxes. Customer Service Not applicable for this website.



Find Great Travel Info on any Destination


No matter what your destination, there is a ton of travel information included on the About.com website. My biggest problem is that I do not find it to be detailed enough. I want specifics and lots of good information. While the website does provide quite a bit of information, there is still a lot left for you to have to go elsewhere to learn. I like that there are lots of blogs on the site, too, giving lots of practical travel advise. The site is set up nicely and is fairly easy to use. You can type in your destination at the top of the search box, or you can view articles and spotlighted travel destinations, depending upon your needs. Overall I find the travel information here to be up to date, accurate and nicely put together and written, but I just wish that the information was a little bit more in depth so going to another website to learn could be eliminated. Customer Service Never had to use customer service, so giving a 10 here.

Nashville, TN


Great resource for general travel information


I use about.com to get information about a lot of different things, including travel. The site has a lot of great information, articles, and videos. I especially like reading the articles about the wide variety of topics. Recently they have featured information on the best beaches in America, eating healthy in Italy and tips on taking a family vacation. I really like that after you read your article, there are links to similar articles and also "learn more" links at the bottom of the page. You can easily get a ton of information on whatever you were interested in reading about. I also like the emails that they send out. You can sign up to get a weekly email with fun "travel secrets" They are fun to read and make me daydream about future travel plans. The only thing I don't like are the "top ten" or similar articles that make you click through each page to get through the article. I wish they just listed the entire article on one page. Especially if you are visiting on mobile. Ease of Use It is extremely easy to search for topics that interest you or just check out the main page to get ideas. Features While there is a great deal of information, the features are somewhat limited to just providing articles about topics. You can't book things, contact anyone, etc.



writing wonderful, number of ads not so much


This site is great for topical information when planning traveling. The quality of writing is really high and the subject matter is far reaching. For example, I am particularly sensitive (allergic) to certain foods and am always concerned when travelling, how I will meet my dietary needs. This website has really helped me with that. I have also found that those types of topics have been treated in the articles in an unbiased manner; another real plus. Likewise, there is a plethora of articles on how to avoid common travel mistakes. Having the benefit of that type of information makes traveling so much more pleasurable. Another nice feature is the section on free things to do. This is rather ironical considering that the only criticism I have of the website is the number of ads that pop up. Lastly, the site is sensitive to the fact that people have different traveling styles, and so that is addressed on the website. You can pick from categories such as solo traveling, or senior traveling, etc. That permits relevance to a large audience. I check out the articles on this website frequently, and have never been disappointed.

Sacramento, CA


Articles well-written


I have used About.com for different topics and travel is one of them. The writers do a great job and the articles are very good quality. My most recent experiences were looking for more information on Nicaragua and southern Italy. I love the amount of information I find and I love that every article connects you to other articles on related topics: food in Italy, wine, top places to see etc. No matter what destination you have in mind, there are numerous articles to help you plan your trip, find hotels, restaurants, museums and even photos and maps. There is even a button that says Book Now following the description of each hotel, to make it all easy for you. Since I am a foodie, my favorite section is always the food one. And no matter how well-researched I am, I always learn new stuff from their articles. If there is one thing I don't like about the website is the numerous Google ads. I find them a bit disturbing and I believe they ruin the layout. Ok, maybe two things. I don't like the fact that they divide the articles into 3-10 parts and you have to keep clicking Next to read the article.

Marietta, GA


What do you expect from an article website?


OK. So I didn't expect much when I stumbled upon this side of About.Com a while back. It has helped me research future vacations, and get an idea on travel costs. While it does offer a way to look up travel arrangements, if you click on something like, say, Hong Kong Travel, it takes you to an article. Of course it does! Why wouldn't it? That's what they are known for. Independent writers writing articles for their website. Of course there are ads placed all over the informative articles about the place you want to travel to, but I feel like there are too many links! Between the links in between paragraphs, the links all over the sides and the ads, its too busy! When someone wants to do research on a destination, they don't want to see all that, they want a streamlined look. Or at least I do. Besides all that, they are pretty informative. They may not have the lowest prices, but they certainly give you an eyeful in information. Customer Service Rating a 6 only because I have not encountered their customer service.

Mesa, AZ



3.6 7