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You could pay more buying direct, but why would you?


I found out about Abe Greenberg several years ago by word of mouth.  My favorite magazine is a little on the pricey side and a fellow subscriber helped me out. Abe Greenberg is a great source for many magazine subscriptions.  You simply call the number on the web-page and tell them what you want.  They give you a price, and for my magazine the price was impressively low.  Some subscriptions do not cost enough to be marked down very much, so I don't know how impressive discounts could be on less expensive subscriptions. The subscription for the magazine I like takes 6-8 weeks to begin.  When renewal time came I got a renewal notice from the magazine as well as one from Abe Greenberg.  I simply ignore the one from the magazine and paid Abe's notice.  The subscription continued on without a hitch. Abe Greenberg says they are willing to handle any problems with delivery for you.  My only problem has been that sometimes the US Postal Service does not connect with the value of recieving a weekly magazine on time, which is not the responsibility of Greenberg nor the publisher.  A call to the publisher will take care of that regardless of how you came to be a subscriber. This is a great service and I have been pleased every time I have used it.    

Marietta, GA



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