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Abbey St. Clare
Abbey St. Clare Vitamin B Complex Creme

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Take care of pimples problems with one simple creme.


My skin has been prone to breakouts since I was a teenager--I'm now 25. My acne never cleared with astringents or soaps, and I am allergic to some acne cremes.My problems are now under control after I started using Vitamin B Complex Creme from Abbey St. Clare about 2 years ago. The creme doesn't use harsh cleansers, so it doesn't irritate my skin and I can use it twice a day. All the Abbey St. Clare products are made using natural ingredients--the owner is a chemist who makes her own products--so the creme works to uncover natural beauty rather than painting over or bleaching out the skin.This creme really is a life-saver. A couple of times I have forgotten to re-order the creme in time, so that I have to go a while without using it--my skin starts breaking out again after just a few days without the Vitamin B Complex Creme. I use it now without any special soaps or astringents.This creme is a great find, and I just saw that the creme is 15% off right now (though I'd buy it anyway). Here's the site:http://www.abbeystclare.com/index.htmlAnd the direct link to Vitamin B Complex Creme:http://www.abbeystclare.com/shoppe/products/vit-b-complex.html


Roanoke, VA


Abbey St. Clare Vitamin B Complex Creme

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